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Monopoly: Mustang 1999 edition (Usaopoly)

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Players: 2-8
Recommended Ages: 8 to Adult
Manufacturer: USAopoly
Description: 1999 - Standard Box - Mustang Edition

The world's most famous board game now gives yout he chance to lasso your dreams and desires of the breed of America's most famous sports car. This very special Mustang Edition gathers together, in a single corral, four generations of the most amazing automotive horsepower to ever gallop out of Detroit. Convertibles, Hardtops, Fastbacks, Prototypes, Show Car, Muscle Cars, Incy 500 Pace Cars and more. This Monopoly Game is the ultimate Mustang fantasy!

The Monopoly Brand salutes the Mustang for its 35 years of unparalleled motoring excitement and excellence. Introduced at the World's Fair on New York City on April 17, 1964, the Mustang has had an immense and lasting impact on the American motoring public. This popular icon attracts huge numbers of enthusiasts, collectors, restorers, devotees and purists. These dedicated souls are responsible for the continuing love affair that owning and driving a Mustang engenders. So saddle your steed and get ready to travel the track, cruise the circuit, or drag the strip - you're in for the ride of a lifetime.

If you're fired up about the Mustang in any way, shape or firm, your passion is like to turn "white-hot" once you've experienced the thrill of risk-taking, the joy of deal making and the incredible satisfaction of owning it all! Playing the Monopoly Game: Mustang Edition brings an entirely new and exciting meaning to the "Mustang Experience."

Game Includes:

  • Game Board
  • Property Cards
  • Play Money and Banker's Tray
  • 2 Dice
  • 8 Custom Pewter Tokens:
      1999 Ford Mustang Hard Top
      Tire with Hubcap
      Front Grille from 1964 1/2 'Stang
      Steering Wheel
      Old Fashioned Gas Pump
      1964 1/2 Mustang Convertible
      1965 Mustang GT Fastback

  • Chance Cards
  • Community Chest Cards
  • Package of Carports
  • Package of Garages
  • Dimensions: 10" H x 20" W x 2" D
    Ship Weight: 1.25 pounds

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