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Planar Chaos Singles

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Rarity: Rare
Color: Black
Casting Cost:
Card Type: Sorcery
Card Text: Destroy all creatures. They can’t be regenerated.
Manufacturer: Wizards of the Coast
Release Date: 2007-02-02
Set: Planar Chaos
Artist: Kev Walker
Flavor Text:  
Description: Planar Chaos Single Card
Dimensions: 3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight: 0.004 pounds

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Customer Reviews

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January 31, 2011
-- Anonymous  

if you don't have any money to buy Damnation, then you can use Plague Wind....
October 09, 2010
-- Taylor Hedding  

This just brings a tear to my eye based on its absolute beauty.
March 30, 2010
-- cesar  

i am in love with this card ..........hahaha mark from outer space... ofcourse you have to think first what type of deck your playing so you can use damnation's ability wisely , black control or black blue control deck is a good example... hahaha
February 08, 2010
-- Anonymous  

You want to kill your own creatures sometimes, because of cards like Avatar of Woe, etc. She is almost unstoppable when you have resurrection and damnation to support her and reduce her mana cost. I run three(because I just don't need 4) in my favorite black deck. It's damn near unstoppable.
January 31, 2010
-- Jens N  

To Mark from Wisconsin: This card is infinitely better than Plague Wind because of the mana cost. Unless you're playing against people with useless decks, Plague Winds is simply waay too expensive to be efficient. Wrath-type spells (such as Damnation) are good when your opponent looses more than you. If you really think Plague Winds is the best black removal, I'd suggest you'd take a good, long look at Sudden Spoiling and Infest. Instead of whining over the fact that Damnation kills your own creatures, you should rejoice over the fact that Black is the color of reanimation spells. On with the review: Damnation is one of the sickest cards black has ever seen. For a color that loves to kill everything that moves, Damnation was just the right choice to print. Every black casual or extended deck with enough budget should run some of these - at the very least in their sideboard - just in case they were to play against anything that runs a creature theme (Elves, Allies, Warriors, Slivers, ect. - the list goes on forever...)
January 27, 2010
-- Matt  

mark frum wisconsin is rite! damnayshun and rath of good, are teribal cards!!! why wood anywun want too kill there own monstars?!?!?!? thats just stuped! playge wind is the more gooder of them all! NO. This card is amazing. Wrath of God is amazing. Mark from Wisconsin, you are not amazing. No stars for you.
December 26, 2009
-- Grant  

this card is great anyone who says otherwise is a fool. best black mass removal card ever period.
December 16, 2009
-- mishra yusalef  

perfect for type 1 solid discarder deck...
April 24, 2009
-- Ryan Barker  

I am in love. I can't wait until my wits are suspended enough that I can rationalize buying a playset. That will be a happy day.
February 17, 2009
-- Anonymous  

Good card, but when i ordered, the card came in a foreign text ><
January 09, 2009
-- greg  

wrath of god is a white damnation. this is the ORIGINAL board sweeper (ok...not's better than wrath of god though). for just casual proxy decks this is hilarious in a black/white deck...thats 8 cards that kill everything! but some previous reviewer above me was right: black needs a few turns to get going. this holds off weenie or whatever for a loong while.
September 04, 2008
-- Nathan  

Great card. Got lucky and pulled it out of a random booster pack. Although I haven't had much use for this card in my deck, I can see how insanely powerful this would be when your opponent is stacking creatures.
July 31, 2008
-- Waterguy99  

Weenie decks look out! Green elves/white soldiers/red goblins/blue merfolk....RED/GREEN/WHITE and BLUE all have the ability to generate a large amount of weenie creatures quickly. BLACK typically needs a few turns to get going and when it does, watch out! This card makes great sense for BLACK decks to stay competetive against weenie decks that will overrun BLACK decks.
November 30, 2007
-- Matthew  

First off, let me put my comments in context. This card is a fantastic example of Magic's ability to adapt and remain new each year. Cards that violate the 'color wheel' are a great way to shake up all levels of tournament and casual play - from Vintage on up. Beyond that, this art is fantastic and in keeping with what has been called the "clasic fantasy" feel of Magic. Oh, and the card has great playability. Five stars.
October 18, 2007
-- Grimancer  

This card sucks! The worst card to come out of Planar Chaos! Ebon Drake is better than this piece of crap! Nah, I'm kidding! This card is awesome! I love the look on my opponents faces when I play Black/White with 4 Wrath and 4 Damnation. Classic, I hope they reprint it sometime!
October 07, 2007
-- thiscardrules  

I say Wrath of God is the White Damnation...
May 21, 2007
-- bob  

what can i say....balck wrath.....awsome!!!!
May 08, 2007
-- Kristen P.  

Wrath of God has been one the biggest tournament staples for the entire run of Magic. The unwritten rule that you never overextend your creatures is almost purely based on one card. Well, two now. If you want to see a card that makes an impact, you will not find one bigger than this and it's white counterpart.
May 06, 2007
-- Relando  

I completely agree with lord of secrets... it's bad enough that wog gets printed in every core set, but to make a black one... HOLY CRAP!!! (and i also have 3... and yes it is VERY nice)
April 19, 2007
-- lordofsecrets  

It's too strong of a card, it should of never been made (I still like having 3 of them though)
April 19, 2007
-- Anonymous  

It's been said before, just look at the art. Wrath of God blows and Damnation sucks, but they both rock.
April 12, 2007
-- troy  

Do I really need to explain the 5 star rating. Destroy all creatures, and they can't be regenerated. This card is probably the best to come out of planar chaos. And I havn't pulled one out of a booster pack. Sniff*Sniff. lol
March 13, 2007
-- David Fanany  

Arguably, Damnation makes even more sense as a black card than Wrath of God does as a white card. Whichever side of that issue you come down on, what's undeniable is that the existence of Damnation will allow entirely new decks to be created and add new dimensions to existing decks. And for that alone, it is a truly outstanding card.
February 09, 2007
-- soulcole69  

Simply the best magic card printed in years!!!
February 04, 2007
-- Anonymous  

Do I really need to say it? It is a white wrath of god. It is a godly powerful card in a color that is designed to kill and bring back to life.
February 27, 2011
-- Incognegro  

This is a really good card. Blowing stuff up never gets old. I can't possibly imagine why anyone would want to use card slots to speed up a Plaguewind when you can just drop this guy and mana ramp right after. I mean turn 4 'Nation and then Dark Rit into whatever awesome you had. Or Dark Rit turn 4 Damnation, Natuko Shade, commence beating. There is a reason Plaguewind doesn't see tournament play. It sucks.
August 08, 2009
-- siberianexpress1  

Damnation or wrath of god + panoptic mirror + indestructable creature = great combo
June 26, 2009
-- Anonymous  

Far from "too strong". I've been looking at Green recently and seeing their best creatures made me feel that Black was maltreated. Then I recalled Damnation to mind as something to sooth myself with.
July 28, 2008
-- satan  

black wrath of god with cool art. its a good thing white stepped it up with sunscour. which in my opinion is better then wrath and damnation. still 4 stars cuz even though its black wrath... its black wrath.
September 29, 2008
-- Anonymous  

I thought it would be a good card, but my opponent was able to beat me even when i got this out because he had the shield of kaldra. Not a bad card, but the mirrodin series can easily combat it.
January 27, 2011
-- Mark N  

I still think Plague Wind is better. It is always better to kill only your opponent's creatures, and leave yours on the battlefield. ALWAYS. No exceptions. With all the mana boosting cards out there, it is no problem to be able to play Plague Wind by turn 5 or so. You should be able to live to turn 5 and if you can't do that, and you can't see why killing only your opponent's creatues is better, you should probably try Pokemon instead of Magic. It is a much simpler game, and your room-temperature IQ might be able to handle it.
December 03, 2009
-- Mark  

this arent good since it kill you own monsters to. pluage wind is best cuz it only kills your oponant monsters but not your own. i dont know why you want to kill your own monsters. thats is not good magic and i beat all my freinds with plauge wind and they cant beat me ever cuz i dont kill my own monsters just theirs
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