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Chrono Island Pin (Pokemon League)

Pokemon Supplies

Description: Pokemon TCG League: Chrono Island Pin
Dimensions: 4.75" H x 3.75" W x 3" D
Ship Weight: 0.02 pounds

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Featured Reviews

Genesect-EX - 97/101 - Full Art Ultra Rare

Best Attacking Card
Genesect-EX is one of the most critical attackers in the VirGen Deck.  This card was used at Pokemon Worlds Championship in 2014 and had succeeded in winning against many decks that were used.  Equipped with G Booster, this card can do a damage of a whopping 200, which can destroy any opponent''s EX card.  This card is a good purchase and is very useful.
Muscle Band - 121/146 - Uncommon
--Kelly Day

A Staple
This is a staple of the current Pokemon TCG Metagame, and is a great purchase. This card gives any Pokemon +20 damage in exchange for its item slot (every Pokemon unless otherwise stated has just one) and this is the only tool card that can boost damage for Pokemon Ex''s (since Silver Bangle boosts damage for non ex''s only and only applies the damage increase against EX Pokemon, making this card work in more stations, although Silver Bangle does do 10 more damage.)You can''t go wrong by owning this card, it can be splashed in just about any deck with an attacking based win condition fairly comfortably. For it''s flexibility and power, I''d recommend anyone who likes to play Pokemon competitively.
Charizard - 4/102 - Holo Rare

You know why?
You know why? Nostalgia, pure and simple. Hard to use in a deck. Even with the cards flipped if you're playing a fire deck and you have more then one evolution on your basic your opponent knows what it is. I recommend having one of these only of you're running a play set of basic charmanders, a set of two basic and two dark charmeleons and one more dark charizard. Otherwise break out the cash for two or three more of these bad boys.