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Santa Cthulhu Plush (Cthulhu Toy)

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Manufacturer: Toy Vault
Artist: Ron Spencer
Description: Extremely Rare (2000 piece print run) an old, old printing (circa 2001), nearly as old as the ancient one himself! O.K. not that old but a very unique spin on Cthulhu.

We have been unable to restock these as they are hard to find and cannot guarantee that we will have them again to offer for sale, though we will try. We can not even find them on Ebay for sale!

So be one of the few mortals to ever own this unique plush complete with Santa hat, Jingle Bells on his tentacles and a seasonal appropriate candy cane scarf.

This Santa Cthulhu Plush is 16" plush and is of the old design that is about 50% larger then the currently printed medium Cthulhu also this is the Santa Claus version of this evil creature called Cthulhu. The covering for this plush is made with 100% polyester and filled with plastic pellets.

This product is meant for ages 3 and up.

Ship Weight: 1.033 pounds

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Customer Reviews

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December 22, 2005
-- Chris  

It's brilliant, so cute, well manufactured, a true must-have. though as far as i know almost impossible to get in Poland, but it's worth the effort. Excellent product.
October 16, 2004
-- Jonathan  

This is quite possibly one of the sickest, most depraved things I've ever seen in my entire life. When my friend first sent me to your website I LITERALLY fell off of my chair laughing--gasping for air as I crawled across the floor to scream at my wife to come have a look. I don't know what poor, sick soul created this abomination, but I'd love to meet them and shake their hand. Santacthulhu. I would DARE somebody to come up with two symbolic images more drastically opposed to each another than Santa Claus and Cthulhu. I'm impressed. Brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant.
June 11, 2004
-- Joe  

This is one of my Fav's this one is big green and scary in a santa way
January 20, 2003
-- Phil Maloney  

Don't be fooled by his fearsome reputation: from the tip of his Santa Claus hat to the bells on his tentacles, Cthulhu just wants to be festive. The perfect gift for an HPL fan (of any age). Very well made, and even cuter than his picture!
October 08, 2002
-- Chris  

The X-mas Cthulhu has a home under our tree this year! (Hopefully he won't devour it, though!) My sister's oldest daughter (3-years) fell in love with
July 06, 2002
-- Lester-Leon Lee  

It's amazing how a green monster with tendrils on his face is made to look so adorable! I was unaware of HP Lovecraft's works yet I got it. Goes to show that whether you are a fan or not, you will love this product.
July 01, 2002

He's so sweet... If I have a lot of money i'll buy him for my younger sister :>> Greetings from Poland for all Cthulhu fans!!!
April 08, 2002
-- Julius Talyansky  

Any Lovecraftian scholar looking for something amusing will be thrilled: Santa Cthulhu is cute as well as scary! Makes a WONDERFUL christmas present! Very well made, does not break, etc.
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