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Battle Droid Officer #31 Clone Strike Star Wars Miniatures

Clone Strike Singles

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Rarity: Uncommon
Manufacturer: WizKids
Description: Clone Strike Uncommon Single

The Clone Strike set features creatures and characters from the Clone Wars era of the Star Wars timeline. It includes figures from Episode I and II of the Star Wars films. Some Booster Packs will also contain very rare figures that are not available in the Starter Set.

There are 60 unique miniatures in the Clone Strike set. Miniatures are pre-painted plastic. Miniatures can be used to play skirmish-level or mass-battle combat scenarios or to add dimension to Star Wars roleplaying games.
Dimensions: 3" H x 1.5" W x 1.5" D
Ship Weight: 0.02 pounds

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Complete Miniature Including Card
$1.09 1 in stock

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Customer Reviews

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October 21, 2011
-- The Sep  

Possibly the best Separatist piece that you can buy. 'Nuff said.
July 27, 2009
-- Ken-Wan-Kenobi  

ABSOLUTELY buy this miniature, the above review mentioned pairing it with general grievous supreme commander, i'd take it a little farther, pair it with General grivous, droid army commander. Grievous gives all droids on the map + attack/ +4 defense/ twin attack. BAttle droid officer gives Fire control which gives all allied droids +4 attack. both of these abilities work without line of sight you dont need to be in 6 squares. So now you have autonomous units Like Ig-86 droid assassin going from 9 attack to 17 attack, and they can shoot twice. amazing, but Ig-86 has an ability that gives him +4 attack and +10 damage against an enemy who activated this round. Amazing eh? now how About a piece called SAN HILL that allows you to only move 1 piece a round, basically you move everything but the ig-86, then attack with them last at anything u want because everythign is activated. Broken down You have a 17 cost droid with 21 attack, 22 defense and twin attack for 30 damage an attack. All of that for 97 cost points. add 2 more ig-86's or ig lancer, anybody like winning? Buy this piece, buy the other pieces to, Troll And Toad, is the site with the best prices and most reliable shipping in existence. THEY KEEP GAMES GOING!!!!
September 15, 2006
-- Gen. Grievous  

BUY THIS MINI! I don't care if you are an avid seps player or are just considering playing as them but the Battle Droid Officer is a cheap must have for all droid squads, pair with General Grievous SC for maximum damage.
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