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Tactical Evolution Booster Box of 24 Packs [TAEV] (Yugioh)

Yugioh Sealed Product

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Rarity: 1st Booster Box
I S B N: 1-59945-374-6
Manufacturer: Konami
Description: This Set include new cards including Rainbow Dragon and Venom cards used by Professor Viper. There is also more Elemental Hero monsters and supports, New Neo-Spacians like the Chrysalis monsters
Dimensions: 4.75" H x 5.75" W x 1.5" D
Ship Weight: 0.839 pounds

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September 08, 2010
-- Anonymous  

If only this box was like in reality as it is in the picture. It has great cards,but the chrysalis monsters aren't my thing.
September 12, 2007
-- francisco  

This is a AWESOME product!! You will most defintely get AT LEAST 1 ultimate rare and you might evn get ''RAINBOW DRAGON'' because you have a 1/3 chance of getting the even more rare ghost rare version of ''rainbow dragon'', currently the only card with the the new foil technolagy in america and now you have a better chance of saving money instead of of buying the card in a store. There is also the new gemini monsters and the strongest is ''CHTHONIAN EMPEROR DRAGON'' with it's devastating 2400 ATK and with its ability to attack twice if you summon it as a effect monster means one direct attack will win you the duel!Their is also the new venom monsters like the new ''VENNOINAGA THE DEITY OF POISOINOUS SNAKES'' and ''VENNOMINION THE KING OF POISIONOUS SNAKES''. I highly reccomened it for collecters and duelists alike!
August 05, 2008
-- James Hess  

This set also has the staples of the zombie deck that made zombies good. Zombie Master and Il Blus also come from this set. Those two cards alone are worth the price of this box. If you want to build a great zombie deck, those two cards, plus the zombie structure can make it happen. Now with the release of Mezuki in premium pack two, zombies get the boost they needed to win. Gombilin zombie is the only card you wont get from either of these three packs, but you can also get some from here, if they are still in stock after you read this.
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