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Beta Booster Box (MTG)

Magic: The Gathering Sealed Product

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Rarity: Booster Box
Manufacturer: Wizards of the Coast
Description: Please note that the Beta Booster Box is not a sealed box. Only 10% of the print run was sealed, and this came from the 90% that were not sealed.

It contains 36 sealed unsearched Beta booster packs.

Beta was released October 1993 and contains 302 cards for Magic: The Gathering.

Of the 302 cards in the Beta set, the most famous cards are: Black Lotus, Ancestral Recall, and Mox Sapphire.

Shipping and handling will be longer on this product, due to verification procedures.
Ship Weight: 2.255 pounds

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Customer Reviews

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June 15, 2011
-- Eric  

LOL... A Black Lotus in every pack? Are you kidding. There are 302 cards in a main set so even getting a single dual land would be considered a victory opening this box. For $2,000 more, buy the N/M BETA set they have and guarantee the power 9 and one of each dual land (not to mention hippies and other Type 1 standards)
November 21, 2010
-- Anonymous  

yeah someone earlier said imagine if their was a black lotus in every single pack... the chances of that are exactly 0 because in the old days booster boxes like these might have 1 or 2 black lotus's out of 3 whole boxes (sources are a few friends who own black lotus's as well as unopened alpha and beta booster packs from the "good old days", as well as the old tracking system wizards of the coast used to have which could tell you exactly what was in a box just from the numbers on the side (note: that they no longer have such a code on the side for just such a reason))... the chances of this having one are slim but not impossible around 30%... the chances of this box containing all power 9 are next to 0 if not 0...however the chance of it holding a black lotus, ancestal recall, or one of the mox is almost 100%. So if the chance of getting any of these cards is worth 16k to you congrats, you could have bought them cheaper individually elsewhere (not by much but it would guarantee the cards you want) the true value is the box unopened because every year it stays like that the value will increase slightly so that by the time we're 70 it may be worth 30 to 50+ thousand dollars if its one of the last beta boxes completely unopened, as a collectors piece of what could be, that is if we're not all dead and magic is still a game that's played.
November 14, 2010
-- j  

so yeah when this changes to "0 in stock" you'll know who bought it ;)
September 15, 2010
-- Cody Fontenot  

Imagine getting a black lotus in every pack.....lot of money my friends
August 04, 2009
-- Dan  

Wow I have one of these I bought 10 years ago never had the nerve to open it. Paid 600 then :) looks like i'll make a nice profit. Useless cards however since all the good cards are banned.
June 15, 2009
-- Anonymous  

Alpha - Beta and Unlimited all have the same box design i think. but all the other set have the name on it. all i can say is if it was manufactured in 1993 its worth a load of money
June 09, 2009
-- Anonymous  

How can you tell without opening the Case/Boxes what series these are? I purchased a Storage locker via an auction in Joliet IL. In it among many other things were 3 large corrogated boxes that said Garfield Games MAGIC the Gathering. It has a manufactured date of 1993. All in all are 3 of these sealed, with some water damage on 1 of them. Is there a way to verify what these are without opening them?
May 30, 2009
-- Anonymous  

Like the other 99.99% of magic players out there. Only if I had the money
March 15, 2009
-- Gerrit Jr  

I personally WILL open these packs should I buy this box. I will Youtube cracking the packs and write down each card in order :) I'm just waiting for my stocks to mature and or the *pending* lawsuit to follow thru :) Such a beautiful box searched or not :)
August 08, 2008
-- n DAWG  

If anyone were to buy this just get each individual pack graded before you open ANYTHING to authenticate that they are all SEALED packs.(yes you can do that ;) )
August 06, 2008
-- J  

well i would definatley buy this but i wouldnt buy it to try to get useable cards or anything like that, id buy it for the cards, i love the older cards, i personally think they r alot cooler and better than the newer stuff like lorwyn, just my opinion though.
June 27, 2007
-- Jon Ulrik  

Haha, i never belived that beta was possible to draft, I'm in for the splitt cost.. what ever. :) marry cristmas..
October 06, 2006
-- DC  

Are there any more of these out there, sealed perhaps? I don't know if I would open these packs if purchased or hold on to them sealed for another decade and see what they are worth sealed then.
May 15, 2006
-- Greg  

when I win the lottery, this will be the FIRST place I will be spending that money on, might even be able to finish my collection =)
May 08, 2006
-- Anonymous  

now it is unsealed but that doesnt change the fact that this is troll and toad were talkin about, and they're pretty trustworthy. this is the most awsome thing i have ever seen in terms of magic though
March 06, 2006
-- Warren  

How fun would it be to booster draft with Beta? I'll split the cost for whoever is interested!!! =)
January 29, 2006
-- Brian  

I wish I could buy this booster box. Like everyone has said, it has the most amazing cards in there. Just think, dual lands, birds of paradise, and the power 9 cards. If I could make payments for this box, I would send in a little bit of cash and have them bill me each month for a long time. Still can't believe this box is worth as much as a new car.
January 01, 2006
-- Javier  

Beta is BETTER. It seems impossible that nobody have buy it yet...
November 05, 2002
-- Bobby Loya  

Beta is the best set. it comes with the power nine including black lotus, time walk, time twister, the 5 moxes, and ancesteral recall!!!!!!!!!!! if you get this box and open the packs and keep the cards in mint-mint condition then you WILL get your money back.
August 07, 2002
-- Anonymous  

I will buy this someday even if I have to sell my organs on ebay.
July 22, 2002
-- Anonymous  

Now there is a rare find... if i had the money it would be mine in an instant.
July 09, 2007
-- Tom  

buying this Beta booster box is purely for the rush. There is no way of covering your expenses in terms of card value. but I'd still buy it if I had the money :-)
October 15, 2002
-- The Koz  

A great set overall, some of the best.
July 13, 2009
-- Desolation Mongrel  

From wikipedia (which I know is not the best source, but still)... "Sealed booster boxes of Alpha and Beta can be easily distinguished by the fact that Beta boxes have a UPC. Alpha's do not." I would not pay $16,000 for a box, but as you can see, there are plenty of people who would.
February 22, 2008
-- poupou  

Of course it's the dream of every magic player, but Beta has 117 rare cards and there is 36 boosters in the box, so even if it hasn't been looked, what are the chances ?
July 03, 2007
-- alex  

im sorry but that not sealed. Even if we trust them we talk abotu 16k$. We all know that before revise we can check which rare are in the pack without problem. I dont trust this not for 16k$ sealed yes. But this isnt.
June 30, 2007
-- Craven Moorehead  

I GUARANTEE you that this box has been looked. You could look every pack up until4th edition.
November 12, 2009
-- Marcellus  

I freaking love MTG since I was heavy into it in the mid 90s. I'd love to have this box, but as others have said, it's unsealed and just doesnt seem worth the gamble.
April 30, 2006
-- Anonymous  

One should mention that it was possible to screen the Booster Packs until 4th Edition was released in which Wizards changed the packaging. Therfore a not sealed Booster Box is always a risk.
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