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DescriptionDominion is a card game unlike any collectible card game, you have a base of 500 cards and from those cards each player receives a small deck. You randomly select 10 of the 25 'kingdom' cards and place them on the game table and the game begins! The crux of the game consists of buying kingdom cards and modifying your deck and though various mechanics you try to earn victory points to win the game! This fast-pace game is full of surprises and excitement that everybody can enjoy!

You are a monarch, like your parents before you, a ruler of a small pleasant kingdom of rivers and evergreens. Unlike your parents, however, you have hopes and dreams! You want a bigger and more pleasant kingdom, with more rivers and a wider variety of trees. You want a Dominion! In all directions lie fiefs, freeholds, and fiefdoms. All are small bits of land, controlled by petty lords and verging on anarchy. You will bring civilization to these people, uniting them under your banner.

But wait! It must be something in the air; several other monarchs have had the exact same idea. You must race to get as much of the unclaimed land as possible, fending them off along the way. To do this you will hire minions, construct buildings, spruce up your castle, and fill the coffers of your treasury. Your parents wouldn't be proud, but your grandparents, would be delighted.

  • 60 "Copper" Cards
  • 40 "Silver" Cards
  • 30 "Gold" Cards
  • 24 "Estate" Cards
  • 12 "Duchy" Cards
  • 12 "Province" Cards
  • 240 Kingdom Action Cards (10 x 24 Each)
  • 12 Kingdom Victory Cards (12 x 1 "Gardens")
  • 30 Curse Cards
  • 33 Placeholder/"Randomizer" Cards
  • 7 Blank Cards
  • Storage Tray
  • Rulebook

  • *Description Provided by the Manufacturer
    Dimensions11.75" H x 11.75" W x 3" D
    Ship Weight3.137 pounds
    - June 15, 2011
    -- Nathan Hajek
    Amazing game for an amazing price. Very worth it.
    - September 28, 2010
    -- Ben
    Awesome game - great balance and replayability! Expansions can be a mixed bag, though...
    - February 22, 2010
    -- Anonymous
    This is my new favorite game. I got it for Christmas and I have played it over 50 times since then. This game is appealing to many types of gamers. I would recommend this game to anyone I know.
    - July 09, 2009
    -- Joell Indianapolis
    I enjoy this game! Plus at Troll and Toads price you can't go wrong. This game is very easy for new people to play. One of the problems I have with this version is that you can only play with 4 people. I have on order the expansion set, so hopefully with the extra cards and extra person rules it should be an even better game. If you do buy this game, you should buy card protector sleeves. You need 500 for this set.
    Near Mint Board Game
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