Summoner Wars: The Filth Faction Deck expansion (Plaid Hat Games) PLDSWFL

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DescriptionSummoner Wars: The Filth Fraction Deck
They are a barbaric tribe of demon worshipers. They burn and despoil what traces of civilization they can find. They have no name for themselves, but other call them The Filth. At night their camps echo with the screams of prisoners and the gibbering of madmen. Bodies bend and snap as they are wracked by mutation – dark payment earned with dark rituals.

The Filth Faction Deck Includes:
  • The Demagogue – Summoner
  • The Abomination – Champion
  • Horror Mutant – Mutation
  • Bestial Mutant – Mutation
  • Edible Mutant – Mutation
  • Claw Mutant – Mutation
  • Tentacle Mutant – Mutation
  • Winged Mutant – Mutation
  • Spew Mutant – Mutation
  • Corpulent Mutant – Mutation
  • 6 Zealots – Common
  • 6 Cultists – Common
  • 3 Shield of the Hopeful Events
  • 2 Possessed Wall Events
  • 2 Heretic's Rebuke Events
  • 2 Channel Corruption Events
  • 3 Wall Cards
  • Summoner Reference Card
  • Mutation Rules Card

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  • Dimensions2.75" H x 4.75" W x 0.75" D
    Ship Weight3 pounds
    Near Mint Board Game
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