Green Dragon #31 D&D Icons of the Realms: Tyranny of Dragons

Green Dragon 31 D D Icons of the Realms Tyranny of Dragons D D Icons of the Realms Tyranny of Dragons
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DescriptionGreen Dragon #31 Uncommon
Dimensions5" H x 4" W x 2" D
Ship Weight0.1 pounds
- November 27, 2015
-- Armstrong the Ale-Drenched Verified Buyer
Excellent Figure
These guys really are great.  With Attack Wing being what it is now it''s made the dragon minis a lot more readily available, especially the more common ones like these guys and the coppers etc.  I bought this one because of the low price and came to find out that it''s fantastic even compared to the rarer ones (the gold for example).  It''s a great sculpt with a high level of detail and (I don''t know if it''s just mine or all of them) a great paint job with a lot more variation and interesting shading than the metallics I have (a gold and two coppers I pulled out of the multi-figure booster packs).  Anyone in doubt about a boss for a D&D campaign or a cool all-around figure to have should seriously consider picking up one of these.
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