Skeleton #45 Lords of Madness D&D Miniatures

Skeleton 45 Lords of Madness D D Miniatures Lords of Madness D D
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SetLords of Madness
DescriptionLords of Madness Single Miniature
Dimensions1.5" H x 1" W x 1" D
Ship Weight0.02 pounds
- October 03, 2011
-- Elrond
This really is a great skeleton and the price is already going up as of Fall 2011. Every DM should have at least a few of these, but they are pretty hard to come by.
- March 02, 2011
-- Amber Biesecker
This is a great skeleton, and very inexpensive compared to other minis! I bought several of them and cannot wait to surprise my players with them.
- September 30, 2010
-- SBL
The best common in LoM? Grab them while you can, skeletons are so much in demand that they tend to vanish very quickly when they are reasonably priced. When I started collecting D&D miniatures for use with the RPG, there were no inprint sets with skeletons in them, and all the singles from out of print sets were incredibly expensive (for commons).
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