Stormtrooper #41 Universe Star Wars Miniatures Common

Stormtrooper 41 Universe Star Wars Miniatures Common Universe Singles
Complete Miniature Including Card
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DescriptionUniverse Common Single

In addition to containing the biggest Star Wars miniatures yet the Star Wars Universe expansion is also the first set to draw from all of the films. So you can have Darth Maul face off against Darth Vader and then have the winner take on Obi-Wan on the Boga. Who's the ultimate winner? You.

The Universe set contains a selection of figures designed to enhance and expand any collection of Star Wars miniatures. The miniatures in this product are randomized and playable right out of the box and, for the first time, include huge figures. This is also the first set featuring legendary creatures and characters from all eras of the Star Wars timeline.
Dimensions3" H x 1.5" W x 1.5" D
Ship Weight0.02 pounds
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