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Rarity Uncommon
Color Green
Casting Cost
Card Type Sorcery
Card Text Hurricane deals X damage to each creature with flying and each player.
Set Anthologies
Artist Cornelius Brudi
Flavor Text "The raging winds . . . , settling on the sea, the surges sweep, / Raise liquid mountains, and disclose the deep." —Virgil, *Aeneid*, Book I, trans. Dryden
Description Anthologies Single Card
Release Date 1998-11-01
Dimensions 3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight 0.004 pounds
- August 23, 2010
-- matt s.
i have won many games with this card. you just need to know how and when to use it.
- October 14, 2008
-- Anonymous
I give this card one choice, and one choice only. Suicide.
- November 25, 2007
-- Loopsided Trade
back to 1994 i got one of those and traded ir for 3 "time elemental's serra angels" and thought that was a good trade...
- October 20, 2007
-- marcin winter
one of the most valuable cards in magic
- July 11, 2004
-- a person
only 4 in the it
- April 30, 2004
-- Anonymous
seems that the serendib efreet is now worth more? this huricane is now 5k and the efreet is 6.5k. interesting. funy how that one guys said he has 3. impossible
- March 22, 2004
-- Anonymous
er ist teuer aber sonst ... GEIL !
- March 12, 2004
-- Anonymous
that´s the best magic card.
- April 19, 2003
-- Anonymous
in my opinion tap 20 mana kill all creatures and players gain 20 life, done and done
- November 21, 2002
-- Israel
What to say? most exlusive card in magic. 5 stars for this one
- October 29, 2002
-- Anonymous
One of the rarest and most famous magic cards of all time.
- September 25, 2002
-- CH
extreamly cool, not many would like to pay for it but many wants it..
- March 09, 2002
-- Anonymous
rarest (&most expensive)tourney playable card period. If you have wayyy too much money and like having cards no one else has them you must own this card - I already have three.
- January 27, 2002
-- Anonymous
Cool card but $****?!!!!!! Thats crazy.
- August 07, 2008
-- pao snes
this specific hurricane is only expensive because it is part of a OLD promo set. hurricane itself is actually a budget card.
if you want it, you can get it! i do like the card
its got a blue background!? i don getit
- March 23, 2006
-- Soulless_Child
It aint the most expensive.
Black Lotus PSA 10 - Beta is.
I mean if this card existed in PSA 10 then it would certantly be the most expensive.
However a near-mint(as good as you can get) will give you about 50-70% of the money a Black Lotus PSA 10 would.
- February 16, 2006
-- kthankxbye
mmm..pretty good since green is a mana accellerator
using some mana tapping elves, birds of paradise, and some land fetching cards= good damage
may be of some use in green/ red burn decks to compliment fireball as well :P
- May 11, 2007
DUDE, this card is cool. The story is that in Revised edition people got mad about the faded coloring and stuff. WOTC tried to make a new print of cards over the summer 1994 to fix misprints and make the cards bolder like in 4th edition. The problem was, they made more problems, like this. Sometimes, the card got too dark as well. Most Summer Magic cards were destroyed, but few escaped to England. If I read right on wikipedia, there are only 5-6 of each rare in the world and a number to scale for the booster packs. This is one of the most sought after Summer Magic rare. 5-6 of them. See why it's worth $5,000! This card makes Black Lotus wimper and sit in a corner if you ask me.
- March 02, 2005
-- Anonymous
nice alternative to the 'beta' version which i admire for its simplicity and quiet beauty. however, this card has grown on me over the years and now comes in a very close second to the many different versions out there. rated this three stars because i feel 'hurricane' is quite difficult for the casual or amateur player to play well with. kinda' like 'hypnotic spector' in that it seems at face value to be incredibly simple to play but in practice bears a bit more thought than many people are willing to give it, especially when synchronizing it with the other cards of a sixty card deck. anyway, that's just my opinion. kudoes to all you daring sorts who play green damage spells.......
- December 24, 2003
-- Anonymous
this card IS ok but c;mon, $**** for this?!?! certainlly one of the most priced cards in magic.
- October 19, 2002
-- David Roy (83)
I found that this card is expensive and not too strong. But, I would like to have one!!! :):):):):):):):)
- October 29, 2002
-- RarrghMan
Way Too expencive. Cool, though:)
- July 22, 2008
-- sooper hamster
this is almost as cheap as the "Door to nothingness" card

that card made u win! just like that!---- u had to use 2 of every mana but whatever!

dang. not cool. i doubt its legal in any tourney anyway
- June 09, 2005
-- Steven
Believe it or not, this is THE most common summer magic card there is. Many were were taken by staff when it became clear this set was not to be. FAR rarer are the rare cards in the set averaging only about three EVER made. Even the common cards from this set are far rarer averaging about sixty five a piece.
- April 16, 2002
-- ricardo louwerse
yeah, i gave 1 star because the card just isn`t good, but i would love to have one :)
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