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Casting Cost
Card TypeSummon Specter
Card TextFlying Whenever Hypnotic Specter deals damage to an opponent, that player discards a card at random.
Creature TypeSpecter
ArtistDouglas Shuler
Flavor Text
DescriptionAnthologies Single Card
Release Date1998-11-01
Dimensions0" H x 0" W x 0" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- July 05, 2010
-- Paul
Great card, whatever format its a devestating drop.
To answer a previous question, he can still only be blocked by flyers, the tenth edition version just has reminder text.
Reminder text is often added to explain keyword abilities for newer players.
- December 16, 2009
-- mishra yusalef
..perfect for type1 type 2 discarder deck, when is saw the reprint in m10 , i noticed that some text are not included specially the ones that we can see clearly in 10th ed. version of this one, does it mean that the one in m10 is already blockable??? or its just the same as the old one???
- August 18, 2009
-- Aaron Wood
Great classic card, and I love the newer artwork.
- April 09, 2009
-- Alec
One of the all time great creatures. First turn with a dark ritual, watch your opponent sweat!
- October 16, 2007
-- Andrew
Paired with The Rack or Megrim and some hand disruption makes for a formidible deck. One of my favorite cards.
- March 17, 2007
-- Billy Bourbon
Best creature ever! No black decks should be without it!
- December 16, 2006
-- Jacob Gold
It's much better than abyssal because they have to discard at random, they're not just going to toss a Mudhole (although they're not going to have Mudhole in their deck...).
- July 17, 2006
-- Anonymous
this card is awesome i dont have it but its still awesome
- June 16, 2006
-- Anonymous
This card is perfect. each decks that has black should play these. I play them in The Rock.
- November 10, 2005
-- Lugy
Aghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!Yesssssssssssss!!!!!Finally I got the new specter.Its awsome!!!!!!One of the best creature cards......5stars 100%
- February 14, 2005
-- Anonymous
in my black/blue discard/control deck (with Mind Twist, Megrim, and The Rack), these babies are my main feature. one of the most powerful (overpowered?) creatures on the board, and it melds perfectly with any discard theme. there is really no equal to this beautiful and extremely deadly beast. foes tremble in its presence.
- November 24, 2004
-- NCS
This is one of the best black creatures ever. 1st turn darkritual - cast this. Just keep on attacking and basically your opponent never draws again. Plus it's a cheap flyer. This is way better than abyssal specter and even that's decent.
- January 08, 2004
-- Lloyd
This card is great in hand destroying decks if you have 4 dark rituals so you can play him from turn one which actually happens quite a bit.
- September 06, 2002
-- ivan schmidt-vitale
i give this card 5 stars for several reasons: nuts picture, good casting cost, good abilities, and its easy to get out.
the only thing im annoyed about is all this stuff about how hypnotic specter is a million times better then abyssal, its one more mana and one more toughness and if you're not able to start out with at least 2 mana and a dark ritual in your beggining hand then you suck.
- August 27, 2002
-- Anonymous
So it's a 2/2 that flies for 3. Great.

Oh wait, when it deals damage, your opponent discards a card from their hand. Wait, hang on a sec; discards a card at random. Why can't WotC make cards like this anymore?
- June 01, 2002
-- tom cadden
I have six specters already but I need more. I want to make a deck with 20 of these and 20 rituals. then my life shall be complete.
- April 20, 2002
-- Wicket
What can I say about my good old hypnotic specter? This card has the perfect casting cost, a 2/2 flyer for 3 mana, right on the mana curve. It's ability however, is what makes it so special. The random discard easily tops the ability of Abbysal Specters and the other imitations. A first turn Hypnotic Specter via dark ritual can force opponents to discard some of their best cards before they have the mana to play them. Megrims also help out this creature, effectively doubling the damage it deals to the opponent.
- June 26, 2001
-- benoit casanova
Have you ever seen your opponent smiling when you put a specter into play on the first turn ??
- February 05, 2005
-- Anonymous
play with this in my 1.5 mono black deck. i notice that this is typically rated five stars but i just can't personally justify that. its a harder card to play than people say. sometimes you don't want to 'dark ritual' and 'h. spector' just because you can. i play this in a discard deck with 'cabal therapy', 'duress', and 'hymn to tourach', and the new card(now) 'distress.' usually one of these spells will dip a toe in the water to check it out and then if its safe the 'ole hypie will come out. also can't give it the highest rating because it doesn't combo very well with other creatures and its two black in the mana cost sometimes hurts it(and i play monoblack!). don't want to diss on it too much though because, in conclusion, i recommend it highly if your a good player....
- December 15, 2002
-- Cameron
Extremely useful in power and effect.
- August 10, 2005
-- Anonymous
I enjoy Black cards and thats pretty cool.... I wish I could get some cards like this... my best attack is a twisted abomination...
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