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Casting Cost
Card TypeSummon Ape
Card TextKird Ape gets +1/+2 as long as you control a Forest.
Creature TypeApe
SetArabian Nights
ArtistKen Meyer, Jr.
Flavor Text
DescriptionArabian Nights Single Card
Release Date1993-12-17
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- September 12, 2009
-- Ragnar
Jens It is good like the rest due to you can throw it out for one red mana and it be a 2/3 creature (provide you have a simple forest out in play), a 2/3 creature for one mana?! HELL yeah, this is one of the top 3 BEST Agrro beaters for a R/G Agrro decks.
- May 24, 2007
-- Anonymous
Not the best one red drop ever. (Goblin welder)But this is still one powerful card. Especially with gruul aggro being played in standard.Ex: Turn 1: mountain, kird apeTurn 2: forest, attack for 2, scab clan mauler w/bloodthirstTurn 3: Burning-tree shaman. Attack for 5Turn 4: Giant solifuge. Attack for 12.Ya. Excellent card for a fast and aggressive deck.
- March 28, 2006
-- Anonymous
Yeah...GOD ir Gruul decks.
- January 09, 2006
-- John Taylor
The best red one-drop. Period. And with the G/R Gruul Clans coming up in Guildpact, It's sure to be a hot buy.
- November 30, 2004
-- Anonymous
this card is god.
- October 30, 2004
-- Nick
In shorthand, this is a 2/3 creature for one with no drawbacks. In a red green deck, it's a 2/3 for one, period. I think this is even better than savannah lions because its 3 times harder to kill, and the only thing CLOSE to a drawback is that it has to be played in a red/green deck. Clear no-nonsense choice for one of the best creatures ever!
- August 30, 2004
-- DK
kird ape is sick. 2 mana for a 2/3. after the third turn you could put on blood lust and giant strength to have a 9/2 creature attacking. and that's not even taking into account how much you'd have attacked for the second turn. this is an effective, cheap card for a quick, cheap deck. if you don't have the money to spend i'd get this card.
- January 08, 2002
-- nick conrad
One of the best creatures for one mana, use with taiga and you can have a 2/3 first turn! Who can say NO to that?
- September 16, 2009
-- Jens N
Ragnar; I know this is a good card, but the options that comes with it is very limited compared to the Divining Top >_> You can pump this out as a 2/3 in your first turn if you've got one of the Forest/Mountain Dual Lands, but unless you're strictly playing to win, I'd say I'd rather want something else in my deck. Boartusk Lieges and Tattermunge Maniacs works fine for meh. But then again, I'm only a high school student, so I can't afford the Dual Lands... waay out of my budget <_
- September 08, 2009
-- Jens
I really can't see why they chose to reprint Kird Ape for the FTV: Exiled set ... I mean, it's good, but it's not that good compared to the rest the cards...
- December 15, 2002
-- Cameron
I've seen alot of reviews with Nick Conrad in them so I'd like to see how well you battle someday in the near future it will be my deck and stratefy against your deck and strategy.
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