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Casting Cost
Card TypeEnchantment
Card TextAt end of turn, if there are no creatures in play, sacrifice Pestilence. ;
: Pestilence deals 1 damage to each creature and each player.
SetBattle Royale
Flavor Text
DescriptionBattle Royale Single Card
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- December 14, 2009
-- Peitsa
This card is epic. The old-school way to play it was to combo it with a wall, swing a few times with a hard-to-block creature (typically flying) and then chip away your opponent's health and clear the board with Pestilence. I might just make such a deck right now, in fact!
- July 02, 2009
-- Xarr
Pestilence+drainlifes+mana accleration=game over!
- January 08, 2010
-- Ron Ploeger
combo up with godhead of awe and watch eveything go away!
- December 09, 2008
-- Anonymous
Excellent card to take out massive number of 1/1s and 2/2s. Dark Ritual makes this easy to get out and do damage early.
- August 14, 2008
-- Anonymous
this in a combo with boomerang and death pits of rath is amazing. You play this with deathpits out and then use boomerang to return your big heavy-hitter to your hand to rampage the next turn.
- December 21, 2007
-- Luke
A annoying card, but I do use it with Sprouting Phytohydra.
- August 05, 2006
-- liz yarrow
not a bad card for breaking down monster combo decks like elfs or clerics which are commonly small it helps to control the numbers and reduce their bonuses
- June 22, 2009
-- mark
does anyone know: would a mishra's factory (which is a creature until end of turn,) keep pestilence alive?
- February 12, 2005
-- Anonymous
although the original version's art leaves nothing to be desired and is entirely satisfactory, i prefer the 'urza's saga' version as the best of the many sets. enjoy!
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