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Casting Cost
Card TypeInstant
Card TextDraw three cards, then put two cards from your hand on top of your library in any order.
SetBeatdown Box Set
ArtistChristopher Rush
Flavor Text"I reeled from the blow, and then suddenly, I knew exactly what to do. Within moments victory was mine." —Gustha Ebbasdotter Kjeldoran royal mage
DescriptionBeatdown Single Card
Release Date2000-10-01
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- March 25, 2008
-- Will
Amazing versatility...Good combo with diviner's wand in a wizard deck, as an instant it serves as a giant growth.
- March 21, 2008
-- Matt
Good Re-make of Ancestral Recall, arguably the best card ever made. This card gets my approval. Perfect with fetchlands.
- March 01, 2005
-- Anonymous
just wanted to add to the previous reviewers comment about getting rid of the bad cards you put(potentially) back on top of your library. i used the search lands (and pay a life, like 'flooded strand' and 'polluted delta') by playing 'brainstorm' and putting cards i didn't want on top. then i would tap and sack the search land to get an 'island', thus getting rid of cards i didn't need at the moment. i play 1.5 i should mention if that makes a difference out there. a comment on the art.....its awesome! one of the better pieces although i know alot of people like the 'ice age' version. but for my money i'll play with this little honey. and the foil version is not twice as good but several times as good. yes, you heard right. too bad so many people know how good the foil version is. anyway, good luck and you lucky dog if you come in to possession..................
- February 26, 2005
-- Mark
Ah the card that was once called "Poor Man's Ancestral Recall" can be considered one of the best library manipulation cards in Magic. Best if you can combine it with library shuffling effects to prevent drawing the other bad cards that you placed on top of your library. Aside from that, you can hide valuable cards form discarders by putting it back in your library. Truly a great card. Five stars!
- August 07, 2006
-- Anonymous
I use 3 of these in my blue/black reanimator deck. Deep Spawn is one of the creatures i reanimate and i can play brainstorm and put 2 big creatrures or Judgement Incarnations on top of my deck and get them in my graveyard with deep spawn's upkeep cost.
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