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Casting Cost
Card TypeCreature - Leviathan
Card TextTrample Leviathan enters the battlefield tapped and doesn't untap during your untap step. At the beginning of your upkeep, you may sacrifice two Islands. If you do, untap Leviathan. Leviathan can't attack unless you sacrifice two Islands. (This cost is paid as attackers are declared.)
Creature TypeLeviathan
SetBeatdown Box Set
ArtistMark Tedin
Flavor Text
DescriptionBeatdown Single Card
Release Date2000-10-01
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- December 26, 2009
-- pops
white/blue deck. surprise deployment ( put a nonwhite creachure card in play, do this one during battle phase, after battle phase, return to its owners hand if able)= leviathan. makes even 3/3 summons rather minute. plus you block the lowest non flyer on the field. as for how many to have more than 1 would be insane. i only have 1 and i only need 1.
downfall. roil elemental has that landfall ability that takes control of opponents monsters but get rid of that and it comes back to you untapped.
there is better, more monsters i would be afraid of like arcbound collosus but this one works too.
5 stars.
- December 15, 2009
-- Anonymous
Leviathan+Crucible of Worlds+Fastbond=win!!!
- February 05, 2008
-- Anonymous
The card is not playable at all.

On the other hand, I love this card and it gets 5 stars for cool factor.
- December 26, 2007
-- SpartanLion
Ah, good ol Leviathan. This card came in my very first set of magic and I have liked it ever since. Now nine for a 10/10 trample is not terrible, but the upkeep can be a problem. So using a card such as serra's blessing can really make this big guy very effective. Leviathan is a magic classic and is the first of the big bad blue creatures.
- December 07, 2007
Good ole Leviathan. This is my favortie card in magic, mainly because it was the first really big creature I ever got. Even though it has alot of draw backs, it can be usefull with a card like Serra's Blessing.
- April 05, 2007
-- Anonymous
Leviathan+Sneak Attack........need I say more?
- November 01, 2005
-- Anonymous
one of the best beatdown cards!!
- October 08, 2005
-- Mike B.
Ok. It's a lot of mana, but let's get real. That's what they invented Elvish Piper for. Or you could discard, Exhume/Reanimate Dead/Breath of Life/etc. it. As for the land deal, ever heard of Twiddle? How bout Puppeteer? Freed from the Real? My point is: If you know how to use the card correctly, it's a gamewinner. If you don't, try doing a little research and then come back and look at it again. You won't be disappointed.
- July 26, 2002
-- Doug G.
This card is in my top ten. And it's number one! I love this card. 10/10 trample, even paying the mana cost to use it once then paying another two to untap it makes it a great blocker. Then you still have 4 mana to do whatever you want with it. I know it cost a lot, but it's a giant, and demands respect.
- July 17, 2006
-- Anonymous
Hm.. It could turn the tables, although there are drawbacks, I think that it only takes two attacks to water down the competition. Use it for blocking? Are you serious?! You sacrifice Islands just for it to become a blocker? Might as well use counter spells on yourself.
- March 02, 2005
-- Anonymous
A definite strategists card, powerful in the right hands and junk in the wrong hands or deck. If you're not running a primarily blue themed deck it's best to stay away from it, but in a blue deck or even a 2 color deck this card can be devestating if used properly.
- April 25, 2002
-- Anonymous
This card would be bad in a deck (unless you have an elvish piper), but is a cool card to just show off (it is a 10/10 trample!)
- June 26, 2001
-- Max Petersen
A lot of people look at this card as a drawback to a deck because it costs a lot of mana, but oooh, man, when you get this baby out, there's no question about who wins the game.
- October 19, 2011
-- jared
its very innovative for its time..i will give it that BUT it is far too much mana for it's drawbacks. i think 6 mana should be its casting cost.
- August 04, 2010
-- Jim
By using Sneak Attack or Surprise Deployment, you have found a way around paying the casting cost, but that's it. Neither of those enchantments changes the fact that Leviathan still comes into play tapped, and you still have to sac 2 islands to attack with it.
- July 15, 2010
-- Jason
yes a 10/10 Blue Trample card, back in the day it was the biggest blue creature. I could see this in a EDH Blue deck.....
- August 11, 2009
-- Jim
Um...Crucible of Worlds anyone?
- July 17, 2009
-- Benjamin Way
Pay Attention - If you run a blue/green - seeker of skybreak (untap target creature) AND/OR elvish piper (put a creature from your hand into play), more likely is a blue/white deck - breath of life (return creature from graveyard to play) AND/OR planer birth (put all lands in graveyards into play under owners control tapped) AND/OR - vigilance (attacking doesn't cause creature to tap) for blue/black - exhume (each player puts a card into play from the graveyard) or for just blue - fatestitcher (tap or untap target permenant) and im sure there's plenty im missing. Just dont be dumb and put this card in your deck without the proper combo cards. If you are paying its mana cost your deck blows, find another way.
- June 04, 2009
-- schuyler plymesser
the artwork is awesome. want to give it 4 stars for that alone but....not that great of a card. it is legendary though.
- January 05, 2011
-- Gary Larson
Creatures like Baneslayer Angel, Primeval Titan, and Noble Hierarch can all be taken out with a Dark Banishing or terminate, but I wouldn't hesitate to give them each 5 stars. My reason for giving Leviathan 2 stars is that I think it is just far too slow for any kind of competitive play, no matter how small the tournament may be.
- December 04, 2010
-- Timothy Holycross
Good during it's time yes.

Two words, Dark Banishing.

Or one word, Terminate.
- August 26, 2008
-- Bryan
One of my favorite all-time Magic creatures simply for its size and lore value (casual blue deck, deep sea-themed), but really, an impractical card for anything else.

Take a look at the picture upside down. Ignore the building in the picture and it's almost as if he's traveling bottoms-up.
- February 28, 2002
-- bizurk fury
it takes too many lands
- March 24, 2009
-- Lunaticfringe
One of the few cards in the game of Magic that I just don't like to use. While untapping Leviathan does work fine to avoid the land-eating drawback, I do NOT see how you can get past the eating lands in order to attack drawback; stopping Leviathan from tapping does NOT prevent this cost.

The main reason I believe this card is pretty terrible is this---why not play Polar Kraken instead? It's a much better card...
- May 03, 2004
-- Anonymous
Ugghh. This . . . Is . . . Horrible. I mean it offends me to see it. Sacking to untap, sacking to attack . . . In the right deck, it isn't bad. Seeker of Skybreak to untap, Serra's blessing so it doesn't tap to attack, piper to lay but still . . . Normally it just isn't good. And it's vulnerable. Terror will burn it.
- December 01, 2001
-- CrimsonH6
This card stinks. Way to much for a castng cost and it is not worth it.
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