Darksteel Ingot

Darksteel Ingot Commander Decks
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Casting Cost
Card TextIndestructible
: Add one mana of any color.
SetMagic: The Gathering-Commander
ArtistMartina Pilcerova
DescriptionCommander Deck Single Card
Release Date2011-06-17
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- May 23, 2011
-- Dominic Peck
EDH staple enough said! Its right there with sol ring and top except in mono color
- May 13, 2009
-- Mark Basker
Comes into play and can be used on turn one. Combine with a Etherium Sculptor to get it out for even less mana.
- January 14, 2006
-- Anonymous
sweeeet!!! works like a mox
- March 16, 2004
-- Shaun
Indestructable mana source? Any color with no penalty? Get me four! This makes those 7th Edition artifact-mana sources (ex. Charcoal Diamond) look like little jokes.
- September 18, 2008
-- Frankie
How you feel about Ingot depends on when you started playing MtG. Us geezers who played in the 20th century immediately get all "back in my day" upon seeing Ingot. It's greatly superior to the mana artifacts we had available (not counting original Mox & Lotus): Prisms, Lenses, Diamonds, Ramos, Cameos, as well as the upcoming Obelisks of Alara.

On the other hand, a 3-drop that generates 1 mana isn't fast enough for Standard constructed decks. So it's basically useless for tournaments, but very handy in casual/multiplayer.
- January 06, 2005
-- Rushyo
Three mana? What a waste of an early turn... when you can get Ur-Golem's Eye which produces 2 colorless for only one more mana.

It's only real use is in prismatic decks... works wonders with a cheap and nasty Door to Nothingness deck, not that I've ever played one, I just play against them alot.
- April 07, 2009
-- James Doto
You pay 3 mana. You get 1 mana.
- January 01, 2005
-- Amberhosen, harbinger of masking tape
darksteel is the worst thing ever to happen to magic. learn to deal with stuff.
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