Whispersilk Cloak

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Casting Cost
Card TypeArtifact - Equipment
Card TextEquipped creature can't be blocked and has shroud. (It can't be the target of spells or abilities.) Equip
Creature TypeEquipment
ArtistLuca Zontini
Flavor Text
DescriptionDarksteel Single Card
Release Date2004-02-06
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- August 23, 2010
-- Jace, the Mind Sculptor
First, I dont understand why people never mentioned this. Use this on Elvish piper?! On a mad green Stomper, use him, and Elvish piper Ability: (G), {T}: Play any creature card from your hand into play and ur set for the game! You can use Her to summon all ur beloved powerful creatures. If you reall want, you can use this on other weak creatures that need protection like kamahl, pit fighter! 6/1 ability: {T}: he deals 3 dmg to target creature or player. Unless people use like wrath of god or day of judgment, you can use their effects like crazy! Haha Nuff Said.
- September 13, 2008
-- Anonymous
HOLY CRAP!!!! Use wrath of god, then bring out ink eyes servant of oni with this card!!!! I hope your opponent likes seeing all of his big creatures beat him to a pulp! (only problem with that combo....mana...)
- June 10, 2008
-- i am no one
My brother owned me every time he played with his black deck, cause he used it with nightmare. Then I found that I had 2 copies of it! WOOT!
- May 27, 2007
-- DRM!(94
The best common equiptment card!! this card is memnarches worstenemy, and eater of the days best friend
- September 25, 2006
-- Erik c.anderson
very good card
- June 19, 2006
-- Teremoana POMARE
Awesome with "Pigmy hippo", get free mana from your enemy
- May 01, 2005
-- Cole
fun with the cloak:
Phage the Untouchable
Raven Guild Master
- January 06, 2005
-- Rushyo
everyone should own 4 of these...

you play a small creature early, power it up a little and attach Whispersilk Cloak to it... then attack for the rest of the game with that card. Whilst the rest of the game goes on around it, you're doing 3-5 damage every turn!

oh and for cheap wins, as the other person suggested: Phage
- December 12, 2004
-- Ryan
heedless one+sheild of kaldra+sword of kaldra+whispersilk cloak
nuff' said
- December 03, 2004
-- Ruslan Abramov
Awesome, a must for equipment decks, put it on a strong creature, pile several bonesplitters on it, and then just hang tight and let it do its thing.
- March 17, 2004
-- Anonymous
This card works perfectly with phage!
- April 21, 2006
-- Anonymous
you should put this withh darksteal collosus
- March 27, 2006
-- Anonymous
this card is awesome except that it is totally cheap. it only cost 3 mana and it does so much
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