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Casting Cost
Card TextDiscard a card: Wild Mongrel gets +1/+1 and becomes the color of your choice until end of turn.
Creature TypeDog
SetDuel Decks: Garruk vs. Liliana
ArtistAnthony S. Waters
Flavor TextIt teaches *you* to play dead.
DescriptionDuel Deck: Garruk vs. Liliana Single Card
Release Date2009-10-30
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- January 24, 2009
-- greg
it does do something amazing. in madness decks its insane; it gives you an outlet for all of your madness cards, and swings for a good amount of damage. nice in reanimator, and okay for hellbent...but this was the key card of an amazing deck that came in first at legacy worlds. awesome!!
- January 24, 2008
-- seth
This is one of the best commons in the game. Good for madness, reanimator simply amazing the ability, if you play it then you'll know.
- September 17, 2007
-- andrewjames
unbelivable - in my view the best 2mana drop ever made. 4 mongs in every green aggro deck - no questions asked. my brother would beat me down with these and the old madness worms/rootwallas from oddesy block. classic
- November 10, 2005
This card is great with basking rootwalla deck, they removed tempest in extended that's why i put gifts ungiven instead of intuition for this deck........
- October 29, 2005
-- dave
simply amazing
- January 29, 2004
-- Anonymous
- March 11, 2010
-- Anonymous
This card with Roar of the Wurm, makes a pretty good combo
- February 21, 2010
-- sergeiski
To Jim from Madison, i have only two words to say; Aggro loam
- February 20, 2010
-- Todd W
You obviously didn't play the game when Odyssey was T2. U/G Madness was like Jund is today, everyone played it and it was insanely good. And you didn't play it without Wild Mongrel. Great card in its day
- October 02, 2009
-- Jens N
It comboes extremely well with ALOT of cards with Flashback (such as Roar of the Wurm), and as far as I remember, it also won many high rank matches.
An example with the Roar of the Wurm combo:
1st turn: Forest, Llanowar Elf
2nd turn: Forest, Wild Mongrel, Rancor (targeting Mongrel)
3rd turn: Forest, attack with Mongrel, discard Roar of the Wurm, making Mongrel 5/3 with trample, Flashback Roar of the Wurm.
4th. turn: Forest, Overrun, attack with Mongrel (7/5 with Trample) and Wurm token (9/9 with Trample).

This was 21 damage dealt on 4 turns (and you could have just discarded the rest of your hand for more damage on the Mongrel) - dont tell me that isn't good.
- March 19, 2005
-- Anonymous
besides mana generators, probably the best common creature and one of THE best creatures in magic the gathering. i like that wizards of the coast also put this on a green card called 'wild mongrel.' once in awhile they'll get it exactly right. anyway, play with four of these in a five color 1.5 deck with green being the predominate color mainly because of mana acceleration. that, and 'mox diamond' is now restricted in type 1.0. but i also play this guy and he may not be what the doctor ordered , but just like aspirin, he'll sure help. highly, highly recommend.
- April 02, 2002
-- Cino
There is quite a lot of unfair cards in this set,and thats one of them. 2/2 for two mana is acceptable, but with no abilities! This is one of the best creatutres for 2 mana ever printed! And you DON'T need 2 green mana (good for any multicolored decks) It is a JOKE! Bye, bye grizzly bears...
I wonder what is coming up next - green counterspell? Black disenchant? Very scary
- December 19, 2001
-- Anonymous
Pretty Good card. This year at the state tourney, one person use it in a deck with blurred mongooses, call of the herds, bops, and other stuff and made top 16.
- January 09, 2008
-- Adam
One of the rules I use in determining if a card is good is that if you need to discard cards for it to be effective, it better do something amazing. +1/+1 and changing colors is NOT amazing.
- November 11, 2009
-- Jim
OK, I'll admit that's a pretty nice combo. But, you will need to be quite lucky to pull it off. First, you have to hope you get exactly the right opening hand, then you have to hope you can get through 4 complete turns without your opponent disturbing your set-up in any way. Good luck with that.
- August 21, 2009
-- Jim
One of the best creatures in the game? Maybe the best common printed? You're joking, right? Possibly the best 2 mana drop ever? Now that's what I call funny! Come on, people... I have faced this thing in games several times and have yet to see it do anything that makes me want one.
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