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RarityBasic Land
Card TypeLand
Card Text
: Add
to your mana pool.
DescriptionIce Age Single Card
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- July 06, 2008
-- Fernando Albert
This is MANA.... and not the junk forests from Shadowmore and others... I'm and old school player (returning) and I do hate the new manas with the F symbol as only text on the card... Also, the new forests and other manas are extremely hilarious. I have a mountain that looks like a city, a forest that look likes a treefolk (even a player told me "How did you play that?" I told him, "huh?" Player told me, "Oh... it's just a forest...") I have forests that look like swaps... and a swamp where you can find flowers... eek... Terrible... this is a real forest. Beautiful card.
- October 07, 2007
-- Will B. Staples
I won't waste time talking about the necessity of basic lands, so I'll just say this: Is it just me, or do Forests and other green-mana-producers consistently have the most beautiful art among lands? I think so.
- March 28, 2006
-- Anonymous
this card is a necessity in most elf decks it allows you to get creatures out onto the field and it has such a meaningful name "forest" just rolls off the tounge if this thing goes up against akroma angel of wrath man white decks should lookout really this gard is just a game changer
- April 11, 2003
-- devilmaycare
John Avon is truly one of the finest.....
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