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Casting Cost
Card TypeEcht Crt
Card TextEnchant creature All creatures able to block enchanted creature do so.
Creature TypeAura
SetIce Age
ArtistPhil Foglio
Flavor TextDeepwood's reach is not long, so it invites its enemies in.
DescriptionIce Age Single Card
Release Date1995-06-03
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- September 19, 2010
-- Anonymous
this card wouldnt be bad at all with terrastomper and a primal bellows or a might of oak.
- September 05, 2007
-- Kyle
The other fun combo is lure/venom/respite. Oh I just killed all your creatures AND gained some life saving my 1/1 from your whole line... I used it against my friends big green creature deck and he was pi$$!* and disheartened...
- August 02, 2007
-- Patrick Williams
I am so glad that they brought this back from champions of kamigawa
- March 11, 2007
-- Andrew
Uncle istvaan is great. It's always good to kill all of your opponents creatures. But instead, why don't you use the lure with the wretched and a regeneration. Now your attacking them with their own creatures next turn.
- March 07, 2007
-- Andrew
Theres nothing like facing a heavy creature deck and bringing out the lure,wretched,regeneration, or lure,venom,drudge sk. either leaving a pricless look on opponents face.
- July 13, 2005
-- Sam Krinkle
the most awesomest part about this card is the pizicture its so vibrant and pretty.
- October 03, 2002
-- Mr. Moto
- August 23, 2002
-- Critic 101
The venom combo above is extremely usefull, and even more so if you find a creature with regenerate so you can re-use it. I also use this with my squirrel deck, forcing all of the blockers to hit a single measly squirrel and the rest can be hit with other cards like
- March 28, 2002
-- the reaper
this card is a god with venom if u play it on a creature then at the end of combat destroy all creatures that blocked it (because of venom).
- November 15, 2001
-- Jame LoSavio
This card is good in 2 different combos. Combine it with Uncle Istvaan and venom, and you're in the clear for attacking next turn; same if you put it on another creature with venom and gaseous form. You should use this combo as often as possible, and in ANY deck with blue and green
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