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Rarity Common
Casting Cost
Card Text Lightning Bolt deals 3 damage to any target.
Set Magic 2011
Artist Christopher Moeller
Description Magic 2011 (M11) Single Card
Release Date 2010-07-16
Dimensions 3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight 0.004 pounds
- June 20, 2011
-- Brian Phung
^You've been playing since 1993 and you don't know how to spell since. Splendid. Also, must have been losing because every RDW I've seen runs Lightning Bolt. Who doesn't want 1 mana 3 damage? And how many people actually run reverberate?
- January 27, 2011
-- Jim
Wow, some people are very touchy about their red burn decks, aren't they? Settle down folks, it's just a game.
- November 27, 2010
-- William Mckinley
A great card in just about any deck with red. Boros, Izzet, Jund, Gruul, etc. Also @Jim from Madison A monkey could put a b/w or u or even a b/w control deck together as well. It's called the internet.
- October 02, 2010
-- Nightwish
Feel the pain of a lightning, Garruk 3/3 beast!
- February 21, 2010
-- Ellioso
I was so happy when I recently pulled a foil lightning bolt, knowing that it would be worth a surprising bit only for the fact that it's a lightning bolt, and I was right.
- February 10, 2010
-- Steve H
Another one of my favorite cards that I first purchased when revised was just being released. It had served me well until I started playing against Counter Spell decks which really made me hate any deck that is either solid blue, or even worse (in my opinion) blue and white. Now since I don't play in tournaments I always have these in my deck, and since I always use Green along with my Red cards, I like to play Dosan the Falling Leaf so I can prevent those annoying counter spells. I do like some of the more new direct damage cards that allow you to split up the damage, or in some cases allows you to "Fork" the effect and play it twice. But with those spells, they cost much more many, and then there's another card I use in a combo, which I cannot remember the name, but if you pay 1 or 2 life points when using the card to produce mana, then the spell cannot be countered which totally kicks my opponents arse!
- December 09, 2009
-- Ray
Welcome back to type 2 format sweetheart! :X Daddy's missed ya!
- August 27, 2009
-- Matt
monkey loves burning stuff. and burn doesn't get any better than this.
- July 17, 2009
-- Anonymous
All right, Lightning Bolt is friggin' amazing, with 3 damage to anything possible on the first turn. So anything your opponent plays, Lightning Bolt it. A trusty red card that cannot be beaten.
- July 01, 2009
-- Greg
They're bringing it back in Magic '10. This card is obviously just freaking insane. And they cost two dollars?? I don't know why this card doesn't cost waay more, because it's worth at least 5 or 6 dollars. Get 4 Incinerates, Lightning Helixes, Volcanic Fallouts, Lava Spikes, and 3 or 4 Demigods of Revenge, and you're good to
- June 28, 2009
-- Dinosaur
Will be reprinted in magic 2010, and the price will rise accordingly. Best cheap burn spell ever.
- June 25, 2009
-- Anonymous
its in magic 2010 !!!!!!!!!
- June 18, 2009
-- Anonymous
Three (3) damage for only one red mana is excellent. Itīs a pity that this card can only be played in classic tornuments.
- April 03, 2009
-- Anonymous
Lighting Bolt is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait till I get mine!!!! Oh, Btw Lava Spike From Champions of Kamigawa only only deals damage to target player, Lightning Bolt deals damage to player, or creature!!!
- February 24, 2009
-- Kneo24
This card will go down as one of the most expensive commons ever. Reprinting it will only raise its value (because it's a useful card). You can look at other commons from revised or 4th and their price won't even come close to this. I swear I must be sitting on a couple hundred of these things from revised and 4th alone. GOLD MINE!
- November 13, 2008
-- Anonymous
Simply amazing. And Lava Spike is a Sorcery too I think.
- April 10, 2008
-- bonchnorm
too bad they reprinted it like 5 or 6 times....but they havent since the early days
- August 05, 2007
-- mike undercofler
lava spike is basically the same thing, except u can only use it on target player. so this is better i guess. but both are great, just one red mana for 3 damage...get 4 lava spikes and 4 lightning bolts, that could be up to 24 damage to a player :)
- November 19, 2006
-- luca fregusy
this is way to good. with furnace of rath, you can kill almost any thing. replicate it and...
- May 11, 2006
- March 19, 2006
-- Anonymous
this is a GREAT CARD just so you guys know ther is another card just like it in champions of kamigawia block (not the same name though) i forgot the name at the moment but its lava spike or something close to that
- November 06, 2005
-- Anonymous
if you play a red deck then you should have this card. incredibly good.
- October 30, 2004
-- Nick
No-brainer to END them all!!! Three damage for one mana with no drawbacks at instant speed, there is no END to this card's usefulness!! It's more bang for your buck than any card ever, it can kill creatures, it can scare your opponent (being at 7 is a lot worse than being at 10), and it can even kill them (oops my attack phase brings you down to 3 life... bzzt!), it's just unexplainable how great this card is! Many a great player could make a strong case for thus being the greatest card ever printed, and I would likely be one of them!
- June 23, 2002
-- Peter Cheong
This card is just too good. So powerful! 1 Red = 3 damage . Too bad its max 4 per deck =| Have fun burning lil elves down . =)
- June 21, 2002
-- Azn_fighter
This card kick ass!!! I have four of them in my deck and it's one of the most damaging card in early turns.
- January 30, 2002
-- Anonymous
This is the best red direct damage card ever printed! One mana for a 3 damage instant that can damage creatures as well as players. A must for any red deck!
- January 08, 2002
-- nick conrad
3 damage for one mana is unbelievable, great card for direct damage deck, or any red deck.
- December 29, 2001
-- tim funck
YES-YES-YES! this card is the greaterst. 3dmg for 1 red mana good?
- September 06, 2001
-- Dustin Brown
Perhaps the best direct damage spell ever printed, Lightning Bolt will forever be used at full capacity in red extended decks. A first turn Bolt can quickly create doubt in an opponent's mind, fearing what may follow it. Seeing as it's an instant, Bolt can eliminate many creature threats before they get the chance to attack or use their ability. Since the card will probably never be printed again, it would be wise to get as many as possible while the opportunity is here.
- June 25, 2001
-- Tim Destan
This is perhaps the best direct damage spell ever made. It can only be played in Type 1 and 1.5, but it should be played in red decks in these formats, such as Sligh, Ponza, and Land Destruction. It can kill practically any creature that comes out on the first turn, and can be used to kill your opponent when they're low on life. I use four in my Sligh deck and I always will. They're just THAT good.
- April 18, 2001
-- Zakk Howell
The best red card ever printed. A must for any sligh a must for any red deck. It is so powerful they never even thought about reprinting it. Its good 1 mountain for 3 damage. WATCH OUT BELOW!!!!!!!
- February 19, 2010
-- Ryan
It's a great card, but not OMFG AWESOME like some make it out to be. 3 damage for 1 red isn't a bad tradeoff though ;)
- August 19, 2009
-- Jim
If you can't see why this card is so good, you are not looking very closely. 1 mana for 3 damage is not found anywhere else in the game. This card rocks, and is a great addition to any red deck. I have to say, though, I think that decks built entirely of red burn spells are probably the most boring decks out there. While usually effective, they require absolutely no thought or creativity. A monkey could put together a red burn deck.
- October 17, 2008
-- Brian Rees
I actually prefer this over some goblins
- April 19, 2006
-- Brian Maglicic
good card but not the best a little over rated
- May 07, 2011
-- RedDeckWins
1 Red mana for 3 damage??? This is madness!! Who would ever play this spell? The worst part about it is that it is at instant speed. Everyone knows that instants are horrible! I refuse to play this spell because someone could cast reverberate and cast it on you or one of your creatures instead. If you wana play a good card play with shock it is far superior to this so called " Lightning Bolt ". Trust me I have been playing the game sense 1993 and if there is one thing I learned in all these years it is that you do NOT!! put lightning bolt in your red decks.
- November 19, 2010
-- Adam
- August 01, 2009
-- Anonymous
Terrible card. Never saw play, never will.
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