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Rarity Uncommon
Color White
Casting Cost
Card Type Creature
Card Text Flying, vigilance
Creature Type Angel
Set Magic 2012
Artist Greg Staples
Flavor Text Follow the light. In its absence, follow her.
Description Magic 2012 (M12) Single Card
Release Date 2011-07-15
Dimensions 3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight 0.004 pounds
- July 13, 2010
-- D/0
This card is still a classic and a fan favorite. Sadly power creep has made it very difficult to play this card in constructed outside of casual decks. I have found it to be fairly powerful in peasant formats though (i.e.: minimum of 60 card deck with all commons save for 5 uncommons in the maindeck at one time). It's really fun to be able to beat face with this card like we did back in 95.
- July 15, 2009
-- Kith
...very pretty, i added this one to my collection, wizards should print a textless, w/ extended artwork for this one... im sure its gonna be a hit.... and for akroma as well .....
- July 15, 2009
-- Eric
This card is insane its ability kicks butt it gets fly and vigilance i love this card
- November 09, 2008
-- IG
Love the new art work. They should make art just as cool as this one for Akroma, Angel of Wrath. Most powerful angel with an awsome picture......... Serra Angel is still up there.
- February 20, 2007
-- Anonymous
a masterpiece. 9th edition serra angel>any other edition. great card all around that wont break your wallet either, so buy as many as you can.
- February 11, 2007
-- rogonandi
Serra Angel is an angel of choice for white players, past and present. She was strong when she was introduced at the very beginning of the game, and the fact she made it to the present day tells that some things never go out of style. It costs 5 for a 4/4, which isn't too bad at all. She's something that can fly, be available for defense as well as offense and adds some muscle to a white deck, and that's always a good thing for a colour that used to be quite lacking in that department...but anyway. Rock on, Serra Angel. You've won me many games in the past, and you will win me more in the future.
- February 05, 2006
i have now got 3 mint for nothing of a guy that didn't know it was reprinted ( evil lagh)
- October 14, 2005
-- SZL
The "classic" heavy white flyer from Alpha to Ninth, Serra Angle is an amazing card for its mana cost. A mere 5 buys you 4/4 white flyer w/ vigilance. Simple and effective, this is my personal favorite card of all time. No strings, no loopholes, no combinations, just tap 5 and BOOM! Besides, it's only five bucks...
- January 05, 2005
-- boris chiu
Very nice.good.famous.
- November 05, 2004
-- Brett
Serra Angel is my favorite card without a doubt. The foil just adds to her beauty. This card destroys your opponents and is still there to block. Plus she's a flier. A wonderful card for only five mana! She is one of the best cards in the game for her price and has always been a favorite for veteran players.
- November 29, 2002
-- Anonymous
Starlit angel sucks compared to Serra Angel. It has less power, AND it taps (which is one of Serra's biggest advantages) I'm trading for one these bad boys (girl rather) tommorow, it rocks!
- May 13, 2002
-- gangrel6
Nice card! A new look to an old favorite and it is great! Play this card with a Divine Transformation on it then either enchant the Serra with a Lure or Seeker. These are excellent combos that are tough to beat in your white deck!
- July 19, 2001
-- Márcio Lombardi Júnior
Is the Serra the best creature in Magic? Tough to say, because many players have their favorite creatures. But let's see... At three colorless and two white mana, you get a 4/4 creature (big by itself) which flies (what let it go unblocked many times) and does not tap to attack (what makes your defense go steady while you still attack for 4 damage). Combined with cards like Armadillo Cloak, it decides games. And with 7th edition, it has become avaliable in type 2. Well, some may argue if our favorite angel is the best creature in the game, but it has definitely got what it takes to decide games on Standard tournaments.
- May 16, 2001
-- Michael Aitchison
The Serra Angel is one of the sweetest cards in magic
- April 12, 2010
-- Marius Diomonde
This is just an all around good card. The artwork and flavor text on the 7th edition version are just awesome. I would kill for a foil.
- October 19, 2006
-- jacob anonymous
I only give it four stars, due to one card (based off this one): Serra Avenger. WW for a 3/3 with flying and vigilance. Weaker, but for 3 less mana.
- May 03, 2004
-- Bird
Yup, 'attacking untapped' made it a real angel, but 4/4 isn't the strongest in the field even when it has flying (I hold a dragon deck, by the way). Put Lure on Serra Angel? That was more than nuts. How many creatures can block it if the deck doesn't have any flying thing? Zero. Too many creatures blocking it and the angel's dead too.
- April 16, 2002
Good card but not too much power, good though.
- October 08, 2002
-- justin soh
I'ts ok but starlit angel of light is MUCH BETTER soon people say serra who?
- March 07, 2007
-- Auryn
i've got it foil
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