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Casting Cost
Card TextDestroy target artifact or enchantment.
SetMagic 2014 Core Set
ArtistTim Hildebrandt
Flavor Text"When your cities and trinkets crumble, only nature will remain." —Garruk Wildspeaker
DescriptionMagic 2014 (M14) Core Set Single Card
Release Date2013-07-19
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- November 30, 2008
-- Greg
its better than disenchant: 1 mana barely and rarely makes a difference, and disenchant doesnt kill artifacts. if you're lacking ideas for a green sideboard, this is a staple. i have 2 in mine. they used to be better when the jitte was around; you could kill theirs and play one of your own on turn 3 or 4 off of an elves. around 10th i think it got worse, but now with Esper out and doing rly well, i think i might add one or 2 more to my sb just becuase they rly are 2 mana vindicates.
- March 19, 2005
-- Anonymous
don't really want to make alot of noise in my review of this card. when WOTC came out with this set and this particular card you heard alot of pontificating about ".....rethinking the color wheel..." whatever that means. hey, i don't make the rules. they put it out there and my sideboard lost eight cards and gained four of these babies. ciao!
- December 20, 2003
-- Mario
Awesome, a must have card now that Mirrodin is going Artifact crazy.
- February 01, 2003
-- D
Oh my god..... it took them a while to come out with a green disenchant..... 5stars.... cheers to onslaught!
- May 11, 2009
-- D/0
Yeah disenchant does kill artifacts. Don't try to ascertain what a card does based on its name. And there has been a disenchant variation in green for years -- creeping mold, only it is a sorcery, costs double, but also can optionally kill land. Creeping mold is useful in any deck because some decks don't use artifacts or enchantments, but all decks use land, but for it''s cost this is better.
- November 21, 2002
-- Dave
Do you know how many people will be playing with this thing. Its like MILK, its a STAPLE!!!
- February 06, 2006
-- Lonnie
Yeah true it's a green disenchant... but check out wear away, which is better if you have an all green deck. you can even pay a splice cost and save it for later for you kamigawa lovers. elf lovers check out viridian zealot
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