Magic 2011 (M11) Core Set Reign of Vampirism Intro Pack (MTG)

Magic 2011 M11 Core Set Reign of Vampirism Intro Pack MTG Magic The Gathering Sealed Product
Sealed Preconstructed Deck
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RarityTheme Deck
DescriptionReign of Vampirism
These Intro Packs will contain a sealed booster pack from Magic 2011 Core Set and a 60 card deck.

Vampires have caught on like wildfire since the release of Zendikar and with their powerful mechanics it's no surprise. This Intro Pack is black and green deck, the key to this deck is Captivating Vampire and Royal Assassin. Use these vampires to steal your opponents creatures while you assemble an army of vampires, destroy them with there own creatures.
Reign of Vampirism Decklist:
  • 9 Forest
  • 16 Swamp
    Spells and Creatures
  • 3 Barony Vampire
  • 3 Bloodthrone Vampire
  • 1 Captivating Vampire
  • 3 Child of Night
  • 1 Giant Spider
  • 2 Howling Banshee
  • 2 Reassembling Skeleton
  • 1 Royal Assassin
  • 1 Spined Wurm
  • 3 Viscera Seer
  • 2 Corrupt
  • 1 Cultivate
  • 2 Diabolic Tutor
  • 2 Doom Blade
  • 1 Giant Growth
  • 1 Naturalize
  • 1 Nature's Spiral
  • 2 Quag Sickness
  • 2 Rise from the Grave
  • 1 Sorcerer's Strongbox

*Description Provided by the Manufacturer
Dimensions0" H x 0" W x 0" D
Ship Weight0.352 pounds
- July 25, 2010
-- Dirk
An alright deck. Not nearly as good as the Zendikar vampire deck. Captivating Vampire is great in vampire decks, and the other vampires are usable. The spells are pretty decent and varied. Unfortunately, the green part of the deck has almost no flow with the black part which disrupts its effectiveness a bit. Editing it to mono-black would certainly help. Pretty excited because I cracked a Primeval Titan in the included booster.
- December 08, 2010
-- Ian Simpson
This deck just seems very unfocused. It's like someone had a few extra cards and threw them together. Also there is a typing error in the description. "with their powerful mechanics..." and "destroy them with their own creatures." Oh well. I'll stick with my own vamp deck.
- August 10, 2010
-- Alex, Vampire enthusiast
I am a Magic vampire enthusiast. And I was VERY excited when I heard about a new vampire deck being released. Thinking that by getting this deck I would be able to modify my custom deck. I was very wrong. Like others I have heard from, Captivating Vampire is one of the few cards I could use. Out of all the creatures in the deck there are only 4 different vampire creatures. The rest are wurms, spiders, banshees, and skeletons, and other useless creatures. All of which I already had, or were FAR too weak to even consider use. I mean how are you supposed to use Captivating Vampire's ability if you barely have enough vampires to accomplish it? I will admit that it does have some useful spells. The green cards have no place whatsoever being in this deck. It's seriously like they threw this deck together in 20 minutes after a heavy night of drinking. The only good thing about this is that I was lucky enough to get a second Captivating Vampire in the booster pack.

Save your money, buy the star card. Even the most novice players could throw a better deck together.

Oh and Reassembling Skeleton is pretty dang cool too. It just has little place in the deck.
- July 23, 2010
-- Croz
I was VERY disappointed by this 2011 intro deck. I built a strong vampire deck with Zendikar cards and was hoping to supplement it with this deck (keeping it type 2 legal). Aside from the feature card (captivating vampire) the creatures in this deck are weak and lacking. The green companion color doesn't supplement the theme well and just begs to be taken out totally in favor of mono black. As for the vampires your time and money. Even the second rare is a royal assassin! It's a good card but it isn't a vampire and doesn't fit with the theme. This deck isn't worth its price tag anywhere. Just buy the feature card and save some cash and frustration. This vampiric "reign" is about as strong as French royal in the 1800's, off with its head!!
Sealed Preconstructed Deck
Fulfilled By:
Sell to Us $13.75 *

* The 'Sell to Us' price may reflect an added website credit bonus. Other buy list payment methods will not include this.

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