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Premium Deck Series: Fire & Lightning (MTG)

Premium Deck Series Fire Lightning MTG Magic The Gathering Sealed Product
Sealed Preconstructed Deck
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RarityDuel Deck
DescriptionPremium Deck Series: Fire & Lightning
Control the explosive power of Fire and Lightning with this premium, fully foiled deck! With this overpowered, fast-paced, burn deck, the full power of the mountains will leave your opponents wondering what happened. Serious power, at a delicious price.

*Blaze Your Path:
Baked or fried? You choose how to burn down your opponents with this powerful, 60-card, all-foil deck. It contains famous flames, bolts, and beats from across Magic history, including several never before released in foil! Blaze your path to victory and serve your foes well done.
  • 60-card premium foil deck, including 6 rare cards
  • Exclusive Spindown life counter
  • Foil deck box
  • Strategy insert
  • Magic "learn to play" guide

    Fire & Lightning Deck Full Deck List

    1 Barbarian Ring
    1 Ghitu Encampment
    21 Mountain
    2 Teetering Peaks

    1 Ball Lightning
    1 Boggart Ram-Gang
    1 Cinder Pyromancer
    1 Figure of Destiny
    1 Fire Servant
    1 Grim Lavamancer
    1 Hellspark Elemental
    2 Jackal Pup
    1 Jaya Ballard, Task Mage
    1 Keldon Champion
    2 Keldon Marauders
    2 Mogg Fanatic
    2 Mogg Flunkies
    2 Spark Elemental
    1 Vulshok Sorcerer

    Other Spells
    1 Browbeat
    1 Chain Lightning
    1 Fireball
    1 Fireblast
    1 Flames of the Blood Hand
    1 Hammer of Bogardan
    4 Lightning Bolt
    1 Pillage
    1 Price of Progress
    1 Reverberate
    1 Sudden Impact
    1 Thunderbolt

    *Description Provided by the Manufacturer
  • Dimensions7" H x 5.5" W x 1.8" D
    Ship Weight1 pounds
    Sealed Preconstructed Deck
    Fulfilled By:
    Sell to Us $28.13 *
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