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Casting Cost
Card TextWhen Myr Retriever dies, return another target artifact card from your graveyard to your hand.
Creature TypeMyr
SetModern Masters
ArtistTrevor Hairsine
Flavor TextMephidross gives up treasure easily . . . as long as you take its place.
DescriptionModern Masters Single Card
Release Date2013-06-07
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- September 22, 2010
-- Anonymous
*Insane cackling*
This is one of those cards that makes tons of things possible if you run multiples. Think about this: at least two of these puppies out, two Etherium Sculptors, and a Glassdust Hulk. Retrieve an artifact, then retrieve the retriever. The Etherium Sculptors makes them free. Each time you do this, Glassdust Hulk gets stronger and stronger while unblockable, and you can do this infinitely since the retrievers are free. Kinda much for a combo, but hey. Nothing puts a smile on a face more than an infinite combo.
- August 24, 2009
-- Feenix
ya regenerating creatures dont leave play, they tap. if u want an infinite combo with myr retriever, all u need is 2 of em in ur hand or 1 in hand 1 in graveyard and a krark-clan ironwork in play.... just keep sackin them and u have infinite storm copy. add an etherium sculptor to the mix to make it faster and get infinite mana. or better yet first turn disciple of the vault so u can do infinite damage. fun great card super versitale
- June 06, 2006
-- FUBB09
This card is key in an amazing combo you can pull of to get infinite +1/+1 counters on an Arcbound Ravager. What you do is sacrifice a Welding Jar for the Arcbound's special ability, giving it +1/+1, then sacrifice the Myr Retriver and return the Jar to your hand, then play that and regenerate your Myr, and then sacrifice that to get the jar back in your hand. This is yet another infinite combo, and this card is key in pulling it off.
- June 19, 2010
-- Anonymous
Great if you can figure out an infinite combo for it, which honestly isn't that hard in this case.

Here's mine: Dross Scorpion, 2 Etherium Sculptors, 2 of these guys, any of the artifact lands, and a Thopter Foundry. Infinite 1/1 flyers and life if your opponent can't stop you. Can be changed up too, that was just how I did it the last time I played with the deck with these in it. All you really need are the Thopter Foundry and the Retrievers, and you could make it up from there. Time Sieve comes to mind for getting infinite turns off of it, for instance.

Also, you can't regenerate things that are sacrificed.
- April 01, 2006
-- Anonymous
this is what you do have two myr retriever and a lightning coils and some older artifact that produces 2 mana for sacing a creatur and do that till u have infinent counters on lightning coils.
- July 25, 2004
-- Greg Sochacki
i think this guys actualy pretty good I mean if u have 4 of them u will never run out of creatures to summon and and if u combine this with spawning pit you are with an unlimited supply of monsters!
- July 22, 2009
-- Jim
I think it needs to be pointed out that the Welding Jar combo mentioned above is not possible. A creature that is already in your graveyard cannot be regenerated. You must regenerate a creature at the time it would go to the graveyard, or not at all. There is a HUGE difference between regenerating a creature and returning a creature from your graveyard to play! What you can do, however, is get the green enchantment Aluren. It allows you to play creatures with casting cost 3 or less without paying the casting cost. Now you can sac a retriever, put a counter on the Ravager, then sac another retriever, putting another counter on the Ravager, and return the first retriever to your hand, which you can then play for 0 thanks to see where this is going... this is a nice combo for the Arcbound Ravager, but do you know what the red enchantment Goblin Bombardment does?
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