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Casting Cost
Card TypeCreature - Wurm
Card Text
Flavor TextThe most terrifying thing about the craw wurm is probably the horrible crashing sound it makes as it speeds through the forest. This noise is so loud it echoes through the trees and seems to come from all directions at once.
DescriptionMTG 10th Edition Single Card
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- December 15, 2002
-- Cameron
I have this card and mixed with wurm rebel and cloned it is impossible to beat. Might as well give up when I lay the card down because every card in my deck can prosper this card.Cameron
- October 25, 2008
-- Anonymous
Yes this would be a lot better with trample as with Yavimaya Wurm, and it's a bit on the expensive side for 6 mana. But depending on which sets you're playing with, it's out of bolt range and it fills the upper-mid-size creature slot for green.
- October 23, 2004
-- Anonymous
Great card that can get u out of a tight spot.(I have 4 and they seem to be next on my deck when I need it most)
- December 12, 2002
-- Kyle
I look at this card and i am reminded of my early days in magic. Bam! A Craw Wurm hits the table, and the other players would cower, hoping that they wouldn't get attacked by it. But now the card just sucks. Hey, it's still an awesome picture.
- November 01, 2002
-- Anonymous
The craw wurm is a lot better than many people realize. Yavimaya wurm may trounce it but nothing beats a sure thing like a 6/4
- May 08, 2006
-- Benjy
I feel in love with craw wurms when i first played magic. Why do soo many players fall in love with crawl wurms and scale wurms? hehe. Naw i know why but looking back on tradeing my serra angels for craw wurms makes me nuasiated now, hahaha but at the time the wurms seemed sooo much better.
- December 22, 2009
-- patrick
I have to say this is a terrible card in this day and age. With the release of Zendikar, we now have Terra Stomper- an 8/8 trampler that can't be countered for the SAME CMC. Stomper may be a rare and this may be a common, but I'd pay the extra dollar to get 3 of those in my deck as opposed to 3 of these
- May 12, 2006
-- Kaysa
Sure, I feel a bit nostalgic for the good old days of Fourth Edition, when this was a big bruiser. But now, there's no reason not to get a Yavimaya Wurm instead: same casting cost, same 6/4, but TRAMPLE too.
- September 07, 2005
-- Eric
I have so many of these, this card is starting to get anoying being brought back all the time
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