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Card TypeCreature - Nightmare
Card TextFlying (This creature can’t be blocked except by creatures with flying or reach.)

Nightmare’s power and toughness are each equal to the number of Swamps you control.

Flavor TextThe thunder of its hooves beats dreams into despair.
DescriptionMTG 10th Edition Single Card
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- May 22, 2010
-- jimmy
first pack of cards i got he was the first one in there i know have three and all of them are in my black decks whrn i play agenst my friends
- September 26, 2007
-- nathaniel bellcour
see the one thing that all of you fail to talk about is that it comes from summer magic. out of all the years ive been playing i have only seen 2 summer magic cards personaly.. and one of them i own. that set is so hard to get your hands on that i dont think i will ever see a complete set beefore i die. 5 cases where released to the public and the odds of completein a set is so few and far apart that i wont even hold my breath. but all in all nightmare is a desent card. i give it a 5 cause of the set not the card cause man land destruction sucks when you have a nightmare out.
- April 06, 2007
-- Luca Fregusy
this is an excellent card. not only is it basically the most powerful black flying, it also only ever costs 6 to play. I play 3 to a deck. this takes care of one being stopped/destroyed.and plus, black reanimates easily,so who cares if it gets killed, you'll just bring it back anyway.
- March 16, 2005
-- Anonymous
My Friend has this card with his all swamp deck, it is an awesome card, but never rely too much on one card. This card is worth getting.
- January 08, 2005
-- boris chiu
Play big in site!
- January 12, 2003
-- Anonymous
awesome card in black decks with no special lands or other colors, try using stuff like stone rain and petravarks to get rid of lands and weaken it
- May 13, 2002
-- gangrel6
Absolutely necessary in an all black deck and stands up pretty well with black and blue decks too. Nightmares can become extremely powerful cards!
- May 11, 2002
-- Brent
Wow, I have two of them right now... Nightmares kick a$$. Try and play vampiric tutor to get him out, and just keep building up your mana :)
- April 20, 2002
-- Ando
This card is very fun! try to get it, definitely if your playing just black!
- November 27, 2001
-- CrimsonH6
I love this card! It was one of my first cards I ever got when I first started playing the game and I still have it. I got it from a revised boster and back then I thought it was the best card in the world. I am not saying that this is the best card. I just think that if you have a pure black deck and you can get this out it is a very good card to have.
- May 24, 2010
-- ferrioso
Nightmare has always been my brother's favorite card (thus his MINT Beta); however, he finds the art on this particular version lacking. His daughter thinks it's a "My Little Pony" card.
- March 16, 2010
-- edward
what most of you fail to understand is its playability. for instance. side board 3 while playing w/mono black vamps. your opponent is usually too busy destroying your noctornus or blood witches, then bam, a 7/7 flyer. that immediately becomes the biggest threat on the board. Nightmare and the sorcery Ad Naseum are two of the most underplayed black cards from M10. (i personally keep three Ad Naseum in sb-late game slaughterhouse!!)
- May 18, 2007
-- pro gamer390
this card is great
- October 12, 2006
-- Anonymous
for the proc black stuff just get out a thran lens and then proc from colors don't matter too much. Also this card is powerful but there are quite a few cards that can destroy it for cheap, swords to plowshares, ashes to ashes, reprisal when it gets strong, chainer's edict, diabolic edict, pacify, and many many others. It is a great card though i have two in my mono black deck, mainly use them as walls or last ditch attackers though.
- July 26, 2002
-- Doug G.
This card is in my top ten. WoW, what a card, it's power starts out at six,(unless other means to get it out were used)..then just grows in power from there!
- April 06, 2002
-- Anonymous
An excellent card in Mono-black decks. I have my own mono-black deck,but i'm going to add a few nightmares to make it better.
- March 28, 2002
-- Anonymous
This card is good but not as strong as it may seem. A simple nightwind glider will stop it dead in its tracks and can't be targeted by a snuff out or vendetta. Also green decks can twist him up with a desert twister by the time you can get him out. I'm not saying he is bad at all but he does have a few weaknesses.
- June 25, 2009
-- Anonymous
I don't think it is as great as the rest of these reviewers say. I've played with it since I started magic and I no longer think it as good as I did at that time. For the deck I use now, which is completely black (ideal environment), I'd rate it as a barely mediocore card graded 2.25 stars out of 5, as compared with the other cards employed in my deck... which have more uses and are generally more versatile in the games that I play.
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