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Rarity Rare
Color Red
Casting Cost
Card Type Creature - Dragon
Card Text Flying (This creature can’t be blocked except by creatures with flying or reach.)

: Shivan Dragon gets +1/+0 until end of turn.
Flavor Text The undisputed master of the mountains of Shiv.
Description MTG 10th Edition Single Card
Dimensions 3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight 0.004 pounds
- February 09, 2010
-- Anonymous
Quite a few years ago when I was still in school and all my friends and I played MTG, this was one of my favorite cards to play. I have always played Red & Green and back then this card was one of those flying monsters that would just destroy my opponents since they rarely ever had any creatures to block flying creatures. So I would tap as many mountains as I could and play some Giant Growths as well, and I would usually take them out in about 6-7 turns.
- August 27, 2008
-- Bryan
The art is fine. It's a classic creature from Magic lore and I can't imagine the Shivan Dragon looking any different. Then again, I started playing when Revised and Fallen Empires were current, so I've an affinity for older cards. Dragon decks are awesome in casual play and any deck without at least one Shivan Dragon is missing out.
- December 04, 2006
-- scotty
yay i have 1 of these buteys
- February 17, 2006
-- Andrew Fuller
The best card ever for any dragon deck combine with whispersilk cloack and fireshriker you will be unstoppable plus with dragonspeaker shaman it only cost 4 mana. you got to have this card
- November 27, 2005
-- Rokas Jankunas
I have one card in my deck but i now a good combiantion: attack with it, pay 2 red mana, It's 7/5, overblaze for 4 mana and opponent is dead if you dealt 6 damage. So this card is the best in my deck.
- May 02, 2005
-- Kevin LaTempt
I love this bad boy! Shivan combines great with orchish lumberjack and tinderwall bringing him out as early as 3rd turn! Truely a superb fattie!
- November 30, 2004
-- Anonymous
This is the best card i have, versing my friend i got him up to a 37/5, as soon as i see him in my hand i know the match is over.
- August 21, 2004
-- M. Bond
An AWESOME card. AWESOME Picture, AWESOME ability, AWSOME!!!
- June 03, 2004
-- D Finders
i really love this card... in my deck it goes out in turn 2... and turn 3... it gets pomped up with 5... and berserked... kills the opponent no sweat :p
- January 29, 2003
-- Ben
My favorite card in magic. There is a very good reason why I own 7 of them. I am always out to get more too. When I get some more cash this site will help me in my goal of owning 18!
- October 04, 2002
-- Johnny
combine this baby with a mana flare for turn four over kill!!!
- September 25, 2002
-- dragon master
As soon as this card hits the field all shall fall before it's unstoppable might!!! as soon as you can attack, they'll be scorched for 10 or more, considering it takes 6 to put out!!! A excellent combo for this is mana flare, which turns your opponents confidence into ashes, 17/5!!!
- September 21, 2002
-- Priit
Finally a NICE art for this cute creature! never liked this old wurm from previous editions...
- June 27, 2002
-- Steve Wilson
This card is awsome!!!!!! I love how you can pump it up even though it is powerful. This is one of my favorite cards.
- March 25, 2002
-- Wraithlan
A 5/5 flying for 6 mana is a sweet deal as it is plus you can pump it up. And it's got a cool picture.
- March 18, 2002
-- Cino
One star for the art, nothing beats old shivan! Its still a great card, though.
- March 06, 2002
-- Embertooth
Ah, the good old Shivy. Best red creature ever since Beta.The game is won when you pull this card out. It Rules!!!
- January 28, 2002
-- KX Dragon
I think this card is superb especially if you combine it with Lure, they will block a rubbish creature while you use Shivans ability to deal as much damage as possible.I got this in my first booster and it rules!!!!
- January 01, 2002
-- Anonymous
this card is amaing when ever i pull this card from my library i pretty much know the game is over .and the best thing about it is that i got it in my first booster because i only started a little while ago .and this card helps me out if you collect 7th ed. i advise you to get one of these cards!!!!!
- July 21, 2001
-- Andrew Campbell
This is definetly my favorite card ever. Thank God I've got 4 of em'.My Shivan Dragon's are what make my mono red deck so fearful.There is no such thing as a dragon deck without these babies!
- December 16, 2009
-- Jim
It's a 5/5 flying with firebreathing for 6 mana... how could you give it less than 3-4 stars? And I guess those guys talking about Terror must not like any creature unless it's black or artifact, because almost every other creature in the game is vulnerable to Terror. Are you also gonna try to tell me that Sliver Queen is a bad creature because you can counterspell it? Or maybe you think that Phyrexian Dreadnought is bad because you can play Pacifism on it? Get real, people.
- May 16, 2008
-- Anonymous
Don’t get me wrong this card is great and I love dragons and all… but as ShivanDragonLover77777 said simply “Terror” and your little 5/5 scally is done. The card is quite helpless if you really think about it, any spot removal, or enchantments can easily take this bad boy down. Any time Ive played him he never lived for more then one turn. New art is great though and if you get him out fast enough (6 mana not going to happen any time soon) hes quite the threat!
- February 12, 2005
-- Anonymous
when i started playing MTG back in '97 i found i had an affinity towards big monster kills. this being the preeminent card that super kicked butt. and if you love big cuddly wuddlys then you had to try 'em all(dragons that is). was never too successful with the big guy as in casuall play everyone would gang up on you or kill him right away. in duels he had an alright record. i remember back in '98 trying to squish a black/red deck together with this card and 'sengir vampire' just so i could kill people with big flyers(it was annoying being blocked if they couldn't kill your ground pounder right away. so i reasoned why not just pick big 'uns that could fly?) and i remember almost nothing else about it. *sigh* those were the days ............
- December 21, 2003
-- Anonymous
#2, its a nice picture but its not a great card. ok sure if you play it, its a game winner but how long will that take to get on the field? TOO LONG, you will be dead by then unless your facing your little sister. give it a 3
- November 22, 2002
-- Anonymous
I'm giving this card 3 stars because of the HORRIFIC artwork that was done on this card. if it kept it's old artwork, it would get 5, plus I have 3 of the older ones and I'm going to get a 4th from unlimited. what a terrific card..
- July 16, 2007
-- ShivanDragonLover77777
Can you say "Terror"? Calm down ladies.
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