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Casting Cost
Card TypeSummon Lions
Card Text
Creature TypeCat
SetFourth Edition
ArtistDaniel Gelon
Flavor TextThe traditional kings of the jungle command a healthy respect in other climates as well. Relying mainly on their stealth and speed, Savannah Lions can take a victim by surprise, even in the endless, flat plains of their homeland.
DescriptionMTG 4th Edition Single Card
Release Date1995-04-01
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- November 26, 2011
-- Lionhearted
A MTG classic. Savannah Lions was one of the main cards that helped create the first "white weenie" decks. For those players who care about the game's history this card will always be appreciated.
- July 20, 2009
-- Anonymous
If you cant understand how good this little card is then you need to brush up on game mechanics and power to cost ratios..
- June 04, 2009
-- schuyler plymesser
5 stars. One mana. 2/1. No drawbacks. Great card.
- January 28, 2009
-- Anonymous
anyone who does not give this a 5 rating (or at least a 4) has never won a tournament or league magic game ever they have no understanding of what magic really is and there sole purpose in life is losing to players like me.
- September 18, 2008
-- Arkana
People don't seem to grasp a simple magic concept that speed owns. This card is awesome in aggro/weenie and Boros decks. If by turn 1 you already have a 2/1 in play, you're either gonna draw first blood and have a constant damage source, or your opponent will have to waste a spell, usually costing 2 or more (more than your Lions), to destroy it, and by then you have another one or two in play anyway! Awesome card, 5 Stars.
- July 29, 2006
-- Anonymous
this card is so good if you play u/w lockdown this can hit for consecutive damage and if u play mono red land destruction u put jackalpup in and mogg fanatic ...if you play white weenie you put this card in its just common sense.
- June 19, 2006
-- Kai
One of the most efficent cards of all time
- October 28, 2004
-- Nick
The choice in rating this card is clear... its effieciency rating is literally two to one, with absolutely no drawbacks. This handily makes the short list of the best creatures in history!
- November 23, 2003
-- westley
2/1 for 1 mana that is amazing must have for any white weenie deck.
- June 10, 2002
-- Bob
what about the BEST 1 mana first turn drop in the game?
- February 16, 2006
-- Anonymous
This is fabulous card for a fast white deck. On the first turn put Savannah Lions in play and on the second turn put a Holy Strength on it and it'll become 3/3, so it isn't so easy to kill anymore. After this you still have one land untapped so you can use to cast an other Savannah Lions or something else that costs one plains. But I think it's kind of odd that a 2/1 with no abilities is a rare. Anyway it's AWESOME.
- April 02, 2005
-- Clive
One of the best classic white weenie cards out there.
- June 25, 2001
-- Tim Destan
Not much to say here. The Lions are a 2/1 for one mana with no drawback. Even 2/1's for 1 mana with a drawback like Jackal Pup and Wild Dogs are still good. This card works well in a White Weenie deck with Crusades, White Knights, Soltari Monks, etc. It's fairly easy to kill, but it's a real bargain early on turn one.
- December 03, 2008
-- greg
shock only costs one. pyroclasm does cost two, but that kills all of your little text-less rares ( in this card). speed does own but i prefer speed combined with evasion, like flying men or suntail not sure if first-strike counts as an evasion ability~ i guess it doesn't but boros recruit still pwns this card. it can take down figure of destiny until your opponent uses its ability a second time...which isn't bad i guess; but boros recruit is also 2-colored, which means combined with balefire liege they're amazing; this isn't. i still think it should be included in some weenie decks that are having a hard time coming up with actual good cards (speaking of evasion...Soltari Priest is so much better, and it can't get shocked...or flame javelin'd...or char'd...etc). plus, a 2/1 often isn't amazing if your opponent plays a creature also. you traded your 2/1 for their 1/1 (or 2/2 or 1/2 or) if they play, say, a figure of destiny and you attack. once again...don't play Soltari Priest~!
- June 08, 2008
-- Greg Johnston
A 2/1 for W...k...
- January 25, 2008
-- Pedro
lol i preffer Serra Zealot much better :D
- October 11, 2005
-- freindly for fun
dancing scimitar bloke yer an idiot.firstly dancing scimitar ony does 1 damage when it does attack secondly it costs 4 mana!!!!!the only advantage it has is it flies.ahhhh right now svannah lions are very good for quick weenie but one they cost too much to buy and two they are very vulnerable to being taken out by cards that couldve cost your oppenent a hundreth the amount you wouldve paid for them.oh yeah and weenie sucks in anything past extended
- February 01, 2005
-- tomas
It is a very good card in an agressive kind of deck. But, althought its stats are very good and it doesn't have no drawbacks, it really doesn't have an special ability. If an oponent plays a creature with at least one power, then, the 2 power won't be that relevant. I would really have preferred an ability like provoke or evasion instead of the extra point of power, but again, it is a very good card in an agressive deck that tries to make those 20 point damage fast.
- January 08, 2002
-- nick conrad
Great first turn card for any white deck.
- August 24, 2009
-- Jim
The card is OK...maybe slightly above average... A 2/1 creature for 1 mana is good, without question, but there is no way this thing should be a rare. It should be a $1 uncommon... at the most. I would much rather be holding Tunddra Wolves, or Spark Elemental, or Drudge Skeletons, or one of several dozen other things that cost only 1 mana,, and will almost certainly be more useful than this would be.
- August 05, 2008
-- Anonymous
I don't see what makes this card so special or sought after. I have one. i think it's okay, but not as amazing as some people seem to think it is. I, personally, think Boros Recruit is cooler.
- May 08, 2008
-- Matt Snihur
Back of Lion's! I am armed with Weakness!!!
- April 30, 2006
-- Chris
I still think my dancing scimitar is better... This card is garbage! 2/1 for one white mana and on top of that, it is a rare card. I just dont see anything special about it.
- December 13, 2004
-- Chris
My Dancing Scimitar is better...this card is horrible. I chose one star, because I couldn't chose zero...
- December 09, 2004
-- Anonymous
This is one of the dumbest rares in the entire game. What the hell is so special about a 2/1 creature for one white mana? THIS CARD SUCKS!!!!!!
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