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Casting Cost
Card TypeSmn Demon
Card TextFlying, trample At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice a creature other than Lord of the Pit. If you can't, Lord of the Pit deals 7 damage to you.
Creature TypeDemon
SetFifth Edition
ArtistMark Tedin
Flavor Text
DescriptionMTG 5th Edition Single Card
Release Date1997-03-24
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- November 26, 2009
-- Richard Campen
Check this out......... screw breeding pit, and other token generators........... I'm talkin about life link baby..........nothing says demonic love like flying trample lifelink......... with no upkeep!
- April 19, 2009
-- Anonymous
definately a great card for black, h/e the recent time shifted sortof liege of the pit is much better for you can play it on turn four WITHOUT mana accel. this is a good card in the new duel decks but has nothing on Akroma
- December 13, 2008
-- Greg
with 1 dark ritual it's a turn 4 or 5 7/7 evasive trampler. with 2, you can play a runed halo turn 2 and 2 dark rituals=this on your third turn. thats almost as amazing as tinkering a darksteel colossus...almost. draksteel colossus doesn't have flying, either =D. use your last ritual (in hand) plus the rest of your mana for a sigil of distintion on him, or drop any combination of glorious anthems, maybe an ajani goldmane to give him vigilance and a +1/+1 counter, or an elspeth to give your opponent an even scarier clock, or favor of the mighty, or triclopean sight. note that all of this is only black/mostly white. put in some tutors to fetch your rituals or runed halos (beseech the queen) or to fetch this (liliana or one of the 10th tutors), and some creature boosters, and you're good to go 0.o
- September 16, 2007
-- Will B. Staples
Slap a Vampiric Link on this bad boy and you're all set.
- February 16, 2004
-- Grog
I have two in my Breeding pit deck and they're sweet! Almost as powerful as Devouring Strossus but easier to put out and still usually a game ender.
- March 23, 2010
-- Jens N
Lord of the Pit is a good card. Sure, Xathrid Demon is better, but flavorwise, I'd always prefer to play with the Lord. Also, the Divine vs. Demonic art is just awesome!
- October 21, 2008
-- Anonymous
As someone else pointed out, use this w/ either Breeding Pit or CoP Black if you're playing B/W. This monster is easier to get out than you think with black having Dark Ritual and it cannot be Terrored/Dark Banished, etc.If you're playing B/W you don't even need to sideboard CoP Black: play Pestilence + lots of White Knights/Order of Leitburs, then prick your opponent for direct damage for the cost of 2 mana per damage (1 for Pestilence, 1 for the CoP Black) while your white weenies are immune to Pestilence.
- February 21, 2006
-- Adam Clark
Most of us old farts used to love hanging out with this boy, although he did eat a lot, and BOY,if you didn't feed him...yeeouch. Still, might be fun to buddy up to him again, just to hear him bellow about the old days. Just try to ignore his breath.
- November 23, 2003
-- Bob
Not only is this card a good card to pound down your opponent with, but think of the other uses for it...use a buried alive, stick it in your graveyard along with another large creature and sutured ghoul. Bring out sutured ghoul, remove lord of the pit and the other card...and watch out !!!
- December 29, 2002
lord of the pit is a good card as long as u use it right a 7/7 flying trampler for 7 mana with only one drawback, having to pay one colorless mana, play it with a circle of protection:black...y waste two mana ea. turn with breeding pit, it may add an extra color but mono color decks are suicide anyway. i put one of ea. circle pro in side board and use golden wish just for mono colored decks
- September 27, 2002
-- Kyle Rogers
This is a sweet card. Jeez, the drawback is easily handled by a breeding pit! If you have trouble keeping up with it after that u r SCREWED!!!!!!!
- July 26, 2002
-- Doug G.
This card is in my top ten. With some of the biggest downfalls it's number nine out of ten. But when that 7/7 flying, trample hits it's mark, you shouldn't have to worry about the 7 life.
- February 28, 2010
-- alex Hoffman
why not just swap yr lord of the pit, although good-ish, for an xxanthrid demon. just an overall better card
- April 14, 2009
-- Lennart
Definitely a fun card to play with breeding pit or some other creatureproducing enchantment... i used to play it with the pit and splash in blue for counterspells to protect my pit and hinder those pesky diabolic edicts... usually when the lord hit the table the game was more or less over... and way i see it... its only a 2 card combo with blue being optional...
- January 14, 2009
-- John
Ha, the good ol' days of using Lord of the Pit and Fallen Empire's Breeding Pit. Not the most cost effective combo in the game, but we use to get a kick out of it back when I first started playing.
- January 01, 2009
-- boyah
great card great artwork and the internation edition is pure awesomeness
- July 02, 2002
-- Bill Campbell
Lord of the Pit is Hot!!
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