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Casting Cost
Card TypeLand
Card Text
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. Underground River deals 1 damage to you.
SetClassic Sixth Edition
ArtistJeff Miracola
Flavor Text
DescriptionMTG 6th Edition (Classic) Single Card
Release Date1999-04-21
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- February 23, 2010
-- Jens N
Of course it's nothing like an Underground Sea, but unlike you, most people can't afford to go buy a playset of Underground Seas, which is why Underground River provides a great alternative.

Underground River is a great card. Painlands have fallen in value over the new fetchlands and the new cycle of rare lands from the M10 series. That, however, doesn't make them worse for fixing mana - and the best thing about them is that they can tap for colorless mana when you have enough other lands that you don't need colored mana from your painlands.

3.5 stars for being a great alternative to the more expensive fetchlands and and the new M10 cycle, and an additional 0.5 stars because you can switch to producing colorless mana instead of having to pay life every time you want to tap it for mana.

All in all, I'm gonna give it 4/5 because it lacks some versatility compared to Watery Grave and Polluted Delta (I'm not going to say Underground Sea because it's really pricey). Underground River is, however, still a very playable card, and I encourage people to buy these as an alternative if they don't wanna spend larger amounts of money on the more expensive dual and fetchlands.
- July 08, 2005
-- Anonymous
this "painland" that premiered in 'ice age' puts its best foot forward here in the '7th' edition(foil that is). artwork is allright but the old format that went out the window with '8th' and the old foil process makes this card extremely collectable. get the best version of this painland...your wallet might regret it but it'll look verrry nice card flopping. highly recommend...........
- July 02, 2007
-- danielle denardo
nothing like an underground sea
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