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Rarity Rare
Color Green
Casting Cost
Card Type Creature - Bird
Card Text Flying
: Add one mana of any color.
Creature Type Bird
Set Seventh Edition
Artist Edward P. Beard, Jr.
Flavor Text  
Description MTG 7th Edition Single Card
Release Date 2001-04-11
Dimensions 3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight 0.004 pounds
- June 12, 2011
-- Garruk Wildspeaker
Birds of paradise has to be the best green card out there. Not only can you get any color mana source from it, completing any multicolored deck that has green in it, but it also FLYS!! And very few green creatures out there fly.
- January 18, 2011
-- Jelle
Use Giant Growth with this. I run 4 birds and a couple giant growths in a 5 color type 1 casual deck. Fun surprise. You can block a hippy with the giant growth or attack with the birds. Opponent never knows if you have a giant growth in your hand or not...
- December 13, 2010
-- cak
best mono green flying card there is. I play 4 of these in a green/white angel deck. turn three baneslayer, turn four primeval titan. this card is a game winer.
- November 26, 2010
-- Tony
Anyone who doesn't give Birds a 5 star just doesn't kmow the game. 4 Birds in my type 1 tourny Red/Green deck still wins me many prizes. Adept better? Are you kidding me? True, Adept has her place in the right deck; but Birds are VITAL to the Type 1 speed advantage they bring to the battle field.
- August 29, 2010
-- Sam
A fabulous card. Nothing like a turn two Leatherback Baloth. If you can afford an Overwhelming Stampede without needing its mana, Birds of Paradise is just one more considerable flying trampling creature.
- August 06, 2010
-- Duaernil
They're mana birds, who can complain about mana birds? They work well in just about any deck and they also are the target of the quick burn spells. That's one less that can be used towards you. They're great for the first turn wow too, the impressiveness of the wow depends on what your deck can spit out and how creative you can be :D. The only thing more impressive is a foil mana birds. Once it gets here I've got another to add to my collection.
- July 08, 2009
-- Anonymous
Weeeeeellll...a three drop on turn one is cooler, and if you're talking Hippie and Hymn, dropping Hippie on turn 1 with Dark Ritual and rolling into an attack AND a hymn on turn 2 is even sweeter.
But otherwise, yes ^_^ Couple of these bad boys, some other cheap one drops, and Garruk make for one dead opponent way too quickly.
- April 13, 2009
-- Erik
If you wanna know why this is so good, think of the best three drop you've ever imagine casting it on turn two. Nothing scarier than a hypnotic specter attacking on turn three after you've just been hit with a hymn to tourach.
- April 03, 2009
-- greg
you say that this is better than the moxes; tell me: can a mox have a loxodon warhammer strapped onto it? After you play a turn 2 Garruk off of it, does it get boosted by the turn 4 or 5 overrun? can it produce any color of mana (yeah, chrome mox can, but it makes you lose a card, which really is no good...)? does it provide a first turn, FLYING chump blocker?!?! for the moxes: no. this: yes!!
- March 20, 2009
-- nick
ive seen a couple of people ask why this card is good, not just good, it is the best one drop in the game, it think that the only reason its not power 9 worthy is the weakness of it. yeah the fact that it is a 0/1 creature is indeed a weekness, but you dont need it past turn 3 really anyway. after that, if its still around then great. it is good in almost the same way that a mox is good (of course a mox is better its free), beacuse if you can get even one turn ahead of your opponent, which is exactly what this card dose, then you are in a very advantageous position. even though in some cases it may not be the best choice, like in an elf deck, in most cases, it is a wonderful advantage on turn one.

one thing to remember when it comes to a non-land mana source is black lotus, its just as scary on turn one as it is unimpressive on turn ten.
- January 02, 2009
-- Josh Dodson
They're so expensive because they're so popular. IF they were 2 bucks each every player would have 4 in every deck that had green.
- August 28, 2008
-- Greg Johnston
i know right zimmer?!?! I don't really run many flying creatures, and I've gotten beaten way too many times by a Birds of Paradise with Loxodon Warhammer. plus theyre great mana accel and mana fixing...very awesome!!
- May 19, 2008
-- zimmer
not only is this possably the best one mana manafix in the game, but it is a green flyer. green is the color of pump, seriously. ell, strap the loxi hamer i know your running and see what happens. i know you want to.
- March 25, 2008
-- Geckle
Many people at first (me included) could not see the value of this card. Sure it seems efficient, but it cannot be that powerful. Try playing with or against it. Any color mana acceleration with a potential chump blocking ability at that cost is invaluable. Think: first turn Birds, second turn overgrowth, third turn any creature with a mana cost of 6. Keep that up, and there are very few decks that can keep up with that kind of speed. Elves are kind of the same thing, but a lack of flying, and a restriction to green make them not as good, though admittadly they are commons. This card does not look as spectacular as some other cards, but it can be more useful than you might think.
- October 26, 2007
-- Mikael Linderoth
Birds of Paradise is without a question one of the best MTG cards out there!! Just think of the possibilities. Any multicolor deck containing green should have this in it. Great for most decks, and has a high trade value as well! 5 stars!
- August 29, 2007
-- Viman
This card is a must-have for any player who plays green. If you play two or more colors including green, then you would be a fool not already have your playset in the deck. Moreover, if you buy it you won't lose your money even if you stop playing it since it is one of the most wanted cards in the Magic world.
- August 28, 2007
-- Anonymous
early game accel... late game sac to flashback "cabal therapy"
- July 02, 2004
-- Tourach
One of the best 1 drop green creatures ever created.
- March 15, 2004
-- Jose Hinostroza
What a beautiful bird!! If you have one of this on your first hand imagine what you can do... a troll ascetic on turn two or maybe an exalted angel on turn three... maybe a combo empyrial plate-bird of paradise... or equipped with a sword... like I said, imagine what you can do
- November 14, 2003
amazingly great card that has unlimited potential. Almost any two to three color deck should have this card because it has unlimited potential and that I this is one of my all time favorite cards.
- April 22, 2003
-- du hast
birds of paradise is one of the best mana sources that ever existed in magic because with only one mana you can have one free and of any color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- February 09, 2003
-- Anonymous
This card is so sweet. Great acceleration. Perfect in multi-color decks. The only problem I see is that it is a 0/1. A shock could take it out. Other than that this is one of the all-time greatest cards that Magic has to offer.
- January 30, 2003
-- Rick
I can't even describe how useful and how absolutely awesome this card is. With a casting cost of 1 green mana, it gives you a mana of any color. Put 4 of these in your deck and you can play a great multicolor deck too.
- December 15, 2002
-- Cameron
I've got 6 of these. Imagine the power and the possibilities.
- December 11, 2002
-- Rudy Sherman
this card is absolutely terrific, one of my favorites of all magic cards. it allows you a terrific amount of extra mana and flexibility especially early game so you can get going fast.
- November 13, 2002
-- Anonymous
I ordered 4 on 3 day delivrery. They were here on time 3 days later, Near-mint condition. I will definately be using trollandtoad again!
- November 04, 2002
-- Jacob Selman
awesome card first turn put out 2nd turn you have all mana colors
- April 22, 2002
-- Jonathan Quackenbush
All hail the king of all bird magic cards!!!!!!!!
- March 29, 2002
-- Jonah
Anything below 5 stars is disgusting for this card. This quite possibly is the best card ever made for green. In every dual colored deck splashing green has 4, 90% of green decks have it as well, it's mana producing ability is rivaled only by the infamous moxes, nothing else. It allows for a turn two ball lightning or a 3rd turn spiritmonger. It goes well with any color and can also be used as a useful blocker or even attacker due to its flying ability.
- December 31, 2001
-- Anonymous
come on a BIRD! nothing is quite as good
- December 09, 2001
-- Anonymous
This is card has found its way into all most every multicolor beatdown there is. Its acceleration is amazing. If you play agressive, you have 4 of these.
- November 02, 2001
-- Jame LoSavio
This card can be an asset in multi-color decks (a great one at that), or it can get you hellish cards in trades.
- July 15, 2001
-- joo Justiniano
Its one of the best cards of all in multicolored decks. In the fire deck it's a success. I hope to see more decks with this beautiful baby.
- May 10, 2008
-- Chicken easy man
- November 28, 2007
-- Matt
Some interesting facts:

When Mark Poole Presented this art for the Dual Land Tropical Island Richard Garfield saw it and he thought the birds were too prominent and he designed Birds of Paradise using this art.

Maybe this is why Mark Poole is incorrectly listed as the Artist for Tropical Island instead of the actual artist Jesper Myrfors...

Also check out the misprint " // " in the alpha birds. Wow that is messed up!!

Gotta Love Alpha :-D.
- April 03, 2006
-- Luke Jarman
It is good, but can be killed too easily. A Terror or Ghastly Demise would take it out easily, other than that it is a good card, especially in my multi deck. I want more, I have 2.
- October 03, 2002
-- Mr. Moto
one of the best cards ever produced! But only if it could be like a 0/5 so it won't get wiped out so easily!?!?!?!?
- November 04, 2001
-- ryan vargovich
Great mana, great 0/1 flying blocker if attacked, for the price of mana 1 green! Very nice...
- September 10, 2010
-- Anonymous
Its not that good. A lot of cards can do this like gemhide sliver or joiner adept which are much better.
- August 25, 2007
-- thomas
Ithink it is a o.k card but I don't understand why this card is so such. if you can tell me pleace write a review for this card and tellme why.
- May 06, 2007
-- Shmak
This has got to be one of the most usless cards of all time! it is only a o/1 with flying. you only need 3 mana to play darksteel ingot . not to mention that it would be usless in a birds deck since it is the only green bird i,ve seen.
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