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Casting Cost
Card TypeInstant
Card TextDestroy all Islands.
SetEighth Edition
ArtistJason Alexander Behnke
Flavor Text"When every reef is bared and every wave is dust—only then shall I rest."
DescriptionMTG 8th Edition Single Card
Release Date2003-07-28
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- December 02, 2010
-- X
Ah my noobies...imagine this with Stormtide Leviathon. Not to mention Choke.
- February 18, 2005
-- Anonymous
play this card in your sideboard it wrecks blue if this spell is not countered you win the game!!!!!!!
- December 15, 2003
-- Mario
Talk about Apocolyptic, this card barley missed my star mark because of the fact that you obviously have to be playing against a blue mage. Meaning counterspell after counterspell and all it takes is one counterspell and this card becomes useless. This is still an awesome card though.
- November 21, 2001
-- Jebadiah Steppanopolis
This card is a Magic Card
It is a card
A magic Card
Therefore it is a card

- January 07, 2004
-- Anonymous
average card. it belongs in sideboards, so in case u face blue players u can put it in ur deck between the games. otherwise, i wouldnt put it into decks unless you have some kind of combo for it (like quicksilver fountain, or using some other way to give opponents islands)
- January 17, 2009
-- greg would be amazing if blue control decks actually played with a lot of islands, however, faeries have like 3/4 nonbasic-lands, which means that this will destroy about...2 islands. not all that special. teferi u/b control, similarly, had almost as many non-basic lands as faeries, such as dreadship reef, urza's factory, and river of tears. against a very very few number of decks, this obviously pwns. however...those decks are few and far between. on the plus side, it can be backed up by a guttural response or two. that's not enough to make it a good card, though.
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