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Casting Cost
Card TypeSorcery
Card TextDestroy target artifact, enchantment, or land.
SetEighth Edition
ArtistGary Ruddell
Flavor TextMold crept over the walls and into every crevice until the gleaming white stone strained and burst.
DescriptionMTG 8th Edition Single Card
Release Date2003-07-28
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- December 21, 2001
-- adiel ben yakar
for a green deck that is a very fluxibel card you can deal with some threats an opponent can play.
and if you got nothing better to do you can always distroy one of his lands
- February 05, 2005
-- Anonymous
as time has went by this card has gotten a bit harder to use. why? i don't know, the metagame continually expands, perhaps the four mana cost instead of three, or a combination of factors. thus, the three stars instead of four like it would have gotten in the old days. still a personal favorite that i use mainboard in my 1.5 mono green deck. as of this writing there are three versions of this card out there. the 7th edition is my favorite of all by far for a variety of reasons. it employs the old card style not to be utilized thereafter, the art is incredible and fits the MTG motif, and by comparison to the other two its a veritable michelangelo............
- February 02, 2005
-- Anonymous
one of my personally favorite cards that i use to this day in a 1.5 mono-green deck. however, not THis version of the card. have a running joke with people who know me in MTG circles about this version and my favorite from 7th edition(foil of course). THat version has something like a wizard making a castle crumble under some type of green biomass....we can assume its ivy or killer algae or something. many rich shades of green that remind one almost immediately of the 'wizard of oz.' or this version, which isn't half bad, if you don't think it suffers in comparison by looking at a horse's rump instead............
- January 05, 2005
-- Tirashi
Aaahh.. The freedom of choise! You remove whatever you hate the most from the table - disabling any nice combination of cards your opponent might have archieved, or you just might wish to make a weakness of your opponent even more severe. You make the rules, but at a bothering cost - 2 green and 2 colorless mana an one card-draw from your library. Is it worth the prise or would you prefer something cheaper? That's all up to you!
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