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Casting Cost
Card TypeCreature - Wurm
Card Text
Creature TypeWurm
SetEighth Edition
ArtistKeith Parkinson
Flavor Text"I wouldn't stand in front of that wurm, son. 'Course, I wouldn't stand behind it neither. In fact, standing anywhere near that wurm's not much of a plan. Running, now *that's* a plan!" —Wandering mage
DescriptionMTG 8th Edition Single Card
Release Date2003-07-28
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- January 25, 2008
-- Bob
Always use protection when you send your Spined Wurm out into battle.
- August 23, 2009
-- Marius Diomonde
Though it's downside is it has no abilities, a 5/4 for 5 mana is not a bad deal. Carl Critchlow's artwork is great too.
- November 22, 2003
-- Polo Contreras
The spined wurm is very, very useful when controlling forests and nothing else, and can become very impressive when put under forest- based enchant creature cards like blanchwood armor. Although the card is just as expensive in lands as its more powerful cousin, the scoria wurm, it is quite good to have when focusing on forest- based defensive tactics.
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