Beast of Burden

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Card TypeArtifact Creature - Golem
Card TextBeast of Burden's power and toughness are each equal to the number of creatures on the battlefield.
Creature TypeGolem
SetNinth Edition
Flavor TextThough it was built as an instrument of labor, it wasn't long before it became an instrument of war.
DescriptionMTG 9th Edition Single Card
Release Date2005-07-29
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- August 16, 2010
-- Tim
This one of my all time favorites. I have a fungus deck that gets the beast of burden out on turn five and as big as 12/12. And since his power and toughness os equal to ALL the creatures in play, genesis chamber is another great one to combo with.
- December 31, 2007
-- Anonymous
Use this with Fists of Ironwood, its real great! :D
- August 10, 2007
-- Rob The Almighty
Awsome Card...Period ...Well Not Period...I Like The Urza's Legacy Art Better...Im Not A Fan Of The Little Girlboy Thing...Other Then That Its Pretty Sick...With The Big Cannon And All...
- July 27, 2007
-- keith payne
This is the best card i have found yet. Put it in a red goblen deck with grinning ignus,a few mana builders, and an empty the warrens and you can quickly put a creature with a 60-70+ power down. and if you have a medallion and a snake pasket it just keeps getting bigger!!! best part is, if you have pandamonium on the board, someones GOING TO DIE.
- December 31, 2006
-- Jonny
I had a 367/367 Beast of Burden in play one time. I was using a rat deck, against an elf deck. I've since added three more of these guys to my rat deck.
- March 01, 2005
-- jared
use orochi hatchery in the right set up and u can make beast of burden huge i have made him a 80/80 before
- January 05, 2005
-- boris chiu
If you control TEN-12 creatures,that's a DAY.
- December 07, 2003
-- Anonymous
This is one of those card you center your deck around. but don't put it in a high power creature deck or a deck with a worldgorger dragon (if you havent seen a worlgorger dragon look it up and you'll know what I meen) in it plane and simple
- September 08, 2003
-- witeflag
if your playing an elf or goblin deck watch their creatures disappear
- December 23, 2002
-- magicboy
This card rock!!! It is a must in every players deck!!!
- December 22, 2002
-- MagicBoy
I think Beast of Burden is one of the best artifact creatures in the world, because if you are playing 4 player, and every one of you have 10 creatures in play and you use Beast of Burden, it become 40/40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- December 15, 2002
-- Cameron
That card is perfect and was practically madefor the decks of champions therefore mine.The power of this card is immense and rare but unnfortunately I dont have it.Magic Master was the best duelist ever but I beat him so easy it wasnt even funny.
- December 07, 2002
-- Boy Wonder
Use this puppy in an elf deck! If you have 20 elves that cost only 1 you could easily make him a 9/9 to an 8/8 by the time he assaults your cowering opponent!
- August 05, 2002
-- TimothyC.
EXCELENT! This card was created for the decks of CHAMPIONS!
- April 23, 2002
-- Anonymous
2 words:Now that is just not right. Play a bunch of elves and than gaes cradle to get the mana to play this monster. Beast of Burden just screms elf deck!
- April 23, 2002
-- Anonymous
This card can be a mother for decks like stompy and fires because it is often a 7/7 or more if you also play a heavy creature deck. Thoughts on this card. A swarm deck that needs a little more late game pop, like a kird ape or goblin deck would do well to splash three of these, and as a sideboard card they are great creature deck hosers.
- February 14, 2006
-- aquarius196
everyone that posted a review for this card left out some major details like AWE STRIKE, DEAD-IRON SLEDGE, FIRE SHRIEKER, HUNTING PACK, LOXODON WARHAMMER, MAGE'S GUILE. these cards are what i would use to stop or strengthen the beast of burden. awe strike will stop it and give you life equal to the damage prevented by it. dead-iron will destroy it and the creature its attached to. fireshrieker gives doublestrike. hunting pack you play one 4/4 green beast creature token and has storm. warhammer gives + 3/0 trample and when this creature deals damage you gain that much life. mage's guile makes target creature untargetable. so this creature would work best with 5 color decks like mine, that allow quick mana early and has plenty of equipment and creatures like NANTUKO DISCIPLE.
- September 23, 2004
-- Anonymous
This can be lousy against control but the real application is in Multiplayer, where he is friggin' insane. I usually play in a 5-8 player game and this guy is at the very least a 6/6 for 6. Anything after that is just gravy, and sometimes the potatoes get drowned in it. 10/10 on up is actually fairly common.
- October 01, 2002
-- tinker
beast of burden with power matrix in a deck of one cast mana producing elves...everything else from goblins to shivan dragons is a spot on the bottom of your boots
- December 17, 2001
-- Anonymous
high cost maybe, but shove 1 of these monsters in your goblin deck and he instantly redeems his cost.
- October 06, 2001
-- bill albertson
This Card is a good one. It will improve many decks, this is the card if your looking for a creature that has high power and high casting cost
- September 15, 2005
-- Anonymous
white weenie
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