Enormous Baloth

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Casting Cost
Card TypeCreature - Beast
Card Text
Creature TypeBeast
SetNinth Edition
ArtistMark Tedin
Flavor TextIts diet consists of fruits, plants, small woodland animals, large woodland animals, woodlands, fruit groves, fruit farmers, and small cities.
DescriptionMTG 9th Edition Single Card
Release Date2005-07-29
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- February 03, 2010
-- Jens N
This card is a draft monster - a solid 7/7 for 7 mana, and only 1 colored at that! great for beast decks or multicolored drafts, as its mana cost doesn't require a crazy mana base.
Also, Enormous Baloth's flavor text is simply hilarious.
- April 22, 2005
-- Anonymous
This is a great powerhuse card , & great for tearing down your opponent. It has a great coast for its attack power. I even have a few of my own!
- December 02, 2003
-- Randy
This is a very good card, its attack and defence are equal to its casting cost and is a good discard card if need be. in my opinion it should be a rare. why is trained orgg(7th edition) a rare when it is a 6/6 that plays for seven. Enormous Baloth is a decent card in decks.
- November 26, 2006
-- Anonymous
There are a negative and a positive to this card, positive it's a 7/7. the negative, it dosn't have a trample effect, and creature that big is pretty useless without trample, i mean you could use a socery to give it trample, but that ruins the low cost of it.
- October 12, 2005
-- Anonymous
It has a high attack but it would be better if it had an extra effect
- December 04, 2004
-- Lotus Starscream
Pretty solid card. The cost is equal to its strength. I have a few in my own deck.
- December 28, 2009
-- Matthew Pearson
This card is only o.k. for an uncommon it is basically useless in an advanced deck and would only be used seriously by amateurs. consider Terra Stomper, the new rare from zendikar, this beast is an 8/8 trample that cannot be countered for only six mana. Much better than enormous baloth. Hell, Terra Stomper puts force of nature, one of the most classic and powerful green creatures, to absolute shame. you guys need to quit wasting time making useless comments on only mediocre cards and get busy searching for the great cards that make all other cards, such as enormous baloth, pointless to even play unless you are just looking to have a fun match with no strings attached.
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