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Casting Cost
Card TypeSorcery
Card TextDestroy all creatures you don't control. They can't be regenerated.
SetNinth Edition
ArtistAlan Pollack
Flavor Text"The second wind of ascension is Reaver, slaying the unworthy." —*Keld Triumphant*
DescriptionMTG 9th Edition Single Card
Release Date2005-07-29
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- July 06, 2011
-- JAD
This card is way better than a lot of people are saying it is! Heck, a few dark rituals and 4 turns later BAM you can play it and wipe out your opponent.
- August 11, 2010
-- Mark N
I don't understand how people can seriously rate this card less than 4 stars. With some simple mana ramp and card draw acceleration, I have played Plague Wind as early as turn three. Some people need to understand that just because a spell costs 9 mana doesn't mean that you won't be able to play it until turn nine. Remember that there is always another way...
- October 26, 2008
-- bobtheavenger94
Honestly, unless your opponent has a burn deck, you should survive until turn 9. Then you win
- January 07, 2008
-- Eightball
This is one of the make or break cards of my mono black deck. I've foiled the plans of many opponents with this card. It works with any combo, I've used it in a land destruction combo (Tomb of Yawgmoth+ Kormus Bell+ Plague Wind) and many other combos. A must have for any black deck, especially if it's mono black.
- October 17, 2006
-- jacob
No it can't even be beat by counterspells thanks to boseiju.
- December 05, 2005
-- Michael Hannon
This card is really just one of absolute wonders of Black cards.Seriously, every Black deck should have this. It's the ultimate Trump Card. Even if you aren't running a primarily Black deck, get it anyways.
- February 21, 2005
-- Joseph Napolitano
Awesome card. I have this card and it really gets you out of some tight spots. Works wonders in a red and black deck. Get this card its ill!
- September 10, 2004
-- Anonymous
Wow, this card is great! Only indestructible creatures can survive the wrath of Plague Wind!
- March 09, 2004
I play with a Green and Black deck and use Nature's revolt then Diaoblic tutor to find WIND and use it to not only kill all other creatures but mine but all other lands too!!!! :) then just to make it all better if i got it in my hand i play ambush commander and dominate the game from then on out
- February 19, 2004
-- Jay
i love it when my friend plays this card with my morph wizard deck i just use the willbender and make him plague wind himself the expression on his face the first time i did that was priceless :) but overral this is an excelent card i give it a 4
- February 28, 2003
-- ryan looney
this card has brought me back from almost dying to haveing victory thanks to haveing to of them!!
- May 27, 2002
-- the black angel
Great card for any black deck expensive yes but worth it and to the person who talked about a counter spell being able to beat it a counter spell can beat everything but lands If you use it in a mono black deck base it on death (avatar of woe)
- January 20, 2002
-- Anonymous
great card works really well against green beatdown and kavu decks, a must for any black deck, just wish i had three more.
- June 23, 2001
-- Mary Mika
Plague Wind is possibly the best sorcery in the game of magic. This card can keep you in the game if they have a huge arsenal of creatures or win the game if you have powerful enough creatures. This is a game-breaking card.
- April 16, 2012
-- William Leary
Great stuff, only drawback being the mana cost. And black has rituals for that.Also, I know it's been eight years, but Willbender doesn't work on this, because this isn't targeted.
- April 03, 2010
-- Jens N
Well... Plague Wind isn't bad... it's just that it's extremely expensive..I see that a lot of players are comparing Plague Wind to Damnation, but I think that is wrong: Damnation can't break a stalemate the same way Plague Wind can. Playing with 1 or 2 of these in a casual multiplayer deck can actually still win you many games because your own creatures are unharmed. Is it expensive? no doubt, but once you have the mana, you're gonna wish your Damnations were Plague Winds...All in all, I think Plague Wind deserves at least 3.6 stars for being extremely powerful and a ton of fun in casual multiplayer games.
- July 16, 2008
-- ben_taylor79
guys guys guys consider what this is - a multiplayer card, and a good one at that.
- June 08, 2008
-- Anonymous
Good if you spelljack it since you won't havta pay mana cost, but stinks if you play it cause of its high cost.
- January 16, 2007
-- Anonymous
Excellent card for multiplayer, but too expensive to be used very effectively in one-on-one. And to the person with the wizard deck, Plague Wind is what is called a "blanket effect" and does not have a target, so Willbender cannot be used to change the target.
- April 10, 2002
-- master of the avatars
cool card but if someone pulls a counter spell get ready to feel the pain.
- December 23, 2007
-- Grentain
Well, this card is good IF it has the right deck for it - My black/white deck, for example, is created to be a mana-producing BEAST, so nine mana is almost nothing for it. However, for most decks, it's not a terribly good idea.
- February 27, 2011
-- Anonymous
This is a fun card to play around with and it does serve it's intended purpose. Should you get fancy mana ramp and power this baby out awesome sauce. The question is, why spend all that time and all those cards to push out NINE mana when you can cause havoc up till turn 4 and boom! Damnation. If you're mana ramping you can have a Damnation out on like turn 2 if things get wildly out of hand. If you cannot afford Damnation then do your thing, but as a player of MTG I disapprove this card unless you're just jacking around. This doesn't see tournament play for a reason. Those folk like to win. Winners don't use Plague Wind in tourney decks.
- September 25, 2007
-- Phil
Horrible card. Damnation will give you four mana to play with and can be be played earlier than this slow sorcery. Only the cheap dollar cost even justifies even having this card in any budget deck.
- May 23, 2006
-- Andrew Dickey
it's good, but the mana cost is rediculus, any good agressive deck will have won the game by the time someone gets nine mana and any good control deck will either deck this card, counterspell it, or keep your land locked down enough where you'll never get enough mana to use it. In my oppinion a lure and venom (nemesis mask and deadiron sledge) combo is much faster and will do about the same thing.
- April 02, 2010
-- Xarr
Sheesh I can't believe Mark from Wisconsin hasn't posted about how great this card is. I wish I could give a card 0 stars.
- February 26, 2010
-- jake
If you want to win a game, you do not want this to be your win condition. Hell, you don't want this waste of space in your deck, period. Nine mana. It's funny. So many people gave this five stars, and from the very first game of magic I played with my very first precon, I already knew that nine mana for a sorcery was a joke.
- December 01, 2007
-- Nickolas
for all intents and purposes a casual/ Type two card. 10 mana is far to slow for any competent deck in any format.
- August 29, 2007
-- Viman
When I was a beginner, this was one of my favorite cards but now that I am an experienced player, I see that to play it you must pay 9 MANA, which is one of the biggest mana cost in the game. So by the time you can play that card, you should have already won that game.
- July 29, 2007
-- Robert
9 mana? How many 9 mana cards (besides creatures which can be summoned alternate ways) are really seen in competitive decks? This card sucks besides in causal play(I own 4 because when I first started I had 1 and I bought 4 of them for $.50 just to have my first playset of a rare card.
- March 17, 2002
-- Anonymous
This card sux the cost is way 2 much!
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