Arcanis the Omnipotent

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Card TypeCreature - Wizard Legend
Card Text
: Draw three cards.
: Return Arcanis the Omnipotent to its owner's hand.
Creature TypeWizard
ArtistJustin Sweet
Flavor TextHe has journeyed where none have been before. Now he returns to ensure that none follow.
DescriptionOnslaught Single Card
Release Date2002-10-07
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- June 08, 2010
-- Brian
Built a blue deck around him. Along with Halimar Depths, Sage Owl and Divination, this guy can keep the cards coming. Four Halimar Excavators in the deck force your opponent to mill, but you still keep drawing with Arcanis around! Couple that with Rite of Replication on the Excavators, and thanks for coming! Arcanis rules!
- September 08, 2007
-- Grimancer
This card combos nicely with Niv-Mizzet and Minamo! Awesome, ***** outa *****!
- August 05, 2007
-- Luca Fregusy
anything with the "extra life" power is excellent, and drawing three cards is always good. the triple island is only minor, this card is great!
- January 23, 2007
We have a common dispute at my college where I play whether it's pronounced "ar can is" or "arcane is" a lot of people say it couldn't possibly be "arcanus" but considering the "arcane" prefix that seems likely to me. Is there a guide to how to pronounce him?
- June 14, 2005
-- Anonymous
I Have 36 and 1 Foil. This cards is excellent.
- April 08, 2004
-- Anonymous
Great. Wonderful. Beautiful. Awsome. Powerful. Dont know what to do? Well...... tap and draw 3 cards is always an option.
- December 07, 2003
-- Anonymous
i ussually have no mana so when i get a chance this guys down!! i always tap him so i can get 3 xtra cards. and if hes ever in trouble tap 4 island back 2 hand!!! its like teleporting!!!!!!!!!! REALLY GOOD CARD!!! LEMME AT THOSE WHO DIDNT GIVE IT 5 STAR!!!!!!!!
- February 27, 2003
-- Anonymous
need some mana or creatures or whatever just tap it and draw three if it's in trouble then just send it back to your hand!
- January 12, 2003
-- -|-yran-|-
Why is this the best... Well, I'm a mono-blue player, and I was able to drop 4 Jayamdae Tomes for 2 Arcanis's. Draw 3? it's uncomparable. My deck is a blue bounce, and since a lot of cards require discarding, drawing three on an opponents turn is very valuable. If there was a rating of 6, this card would get a 6.
- December 22, 2002
-- fahadiwadi
This card is too's practically immortal...why didn't you guys give this card five stars too, huh?
- December 13, 2002
-- saproling death master
Arcanis rules in counter/burn decks!!! I have 2 in mine, and they are grate combo with all the words enchantments. 4 words of war+arcanis+12 mana=24 damage (amazing)
- December 12, 2002
-- Anonymous
draw three cards is ALWAYS good.
- December 10, 2002
-- Anonymous
this card turns twindle into a great card
- November 23, 2002
-- saproling death master
This card ownz with any of the words
- October 29, 2002
-- RaHnYbOy
THIS CARD IS AWESOME. Tap: draw three cards and an ability to prevent the effect of damage. spells, and abilities to it? I cant figure out wether to say chaep or awsome.
- June 14, 2008
-- about:blank
actually they have ruled against the 5 word enchantments from onslaught, if you payed of all five only one (of your choice) would apply so you cant have them drop all at the same time making that combo a lil less than glamorous. id would go with words of waste if you are rolling with a discard deck, you tap arcanis and pay 1 for words of waste your opponents discard three cards and then take 6 dmg assuming you have at least a megrim out there 12 for 2 megrims 16 for 3 and 22 for 4.all in all this card is fairly good, the return to your hand from anywhere is really nice if it was return to play this card would be godly but it really is not worth running IMHO.
- May 15, 2008
-- Lunaticfringe
While the casting cost is rather high, the fact that you can draw a whopping THREE cards makes him a very interesting consideration into near any blue deck.
- March 07, 2008
-- Geckle
Put freed from the reel on it to draw three cards for every blue spent this way. Just don't use up your library, and your hand will never be empty.
- September 11, 2004
-- matthew
It's a good card because you can draw three card and you can return it on your hand
- December 19, 2003
-- Mauro Garcia
Since I first got this card it has remained one of my favorite multiplayer cards. Talk about drawing power. BAM!!
- November 11, 2002
-- Kyle Rogers
I love this card because if it ever gets in trouble, you can just bring it back to your hand, + it has the bonus of being able to draw 3 cards just by tapping it. Only drawback is mana, but you can get around that.
- October 13, 2002
-- Anonymous
Combo with words enchantments.
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