Flametongue Kavu

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Card TypeCreature
Card TextWhen Flametongue Kavu enters the battlefield, it deals 4 damage to target creature.
Creature TypeKavu
ArtistPete Venters
Flavor Text"For dim-witted, thick-skulled genetic mutants, they have pretty good aim." —Sisay, captain of the *Weatherlight*
DescriptionPlanechase Single Card
Release Date2009-09-04
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- September 20, 2009
-- Jens
Even though it only has 2 toughness, Flametongue Kavu still puts pressure on the opponent, normally killing a good creature when it enters play. Personally, I think Flametongue Kavu should be played in a green/red aggro deck with Fires of Yavimaya for support, though it also fits excellent in red decks, combining effecient burn with a decent power/toughness ratio, and even makes room for an additional card when building decks - it's both a creature & a burn spell, so you only use one free slot instead of the normal two - kinda like Shriekmaw.
- July 25, 2006
-- Georgie
Is soo good everyone need it.
- December 28, 2002
-- Zedechai
I have a Type II black/red deck design that almost never loses and nearly always wins in less than six turns. It has four of these fabulous creatures in it. This Kavu not only spits, it bites! I rate the Flametongue Kava as one of the top ten cards in the history of Magic. It's cheap; it's a creature-killing machine; and it deals deadly damage to your opponent. In short, it's a great card.
- March 19, 2002
-- Bobo, The Tap Dancing Ferret
This sucker has one heck of a loogie.
- November 06, 2001
-- Matt Dow
This card is spectacular. If you are playing red this card would be a perfect addition to your deck it can kill almost any annoying creature your opponent has plus if you play fires or have shivan wurm in your deck you can bounce flametongue kavu back to your hand and play it again for another 4 damage. This card is a must have for any red deck if you want to have a creature that can attack for 4 and kills annoying creatures with toughness 4 or less
- July 30, 2009
-- Marius Diomonde
Killer card, especially used in conjunction with gating creatures. Only drawback is the toughness of 2.
- May 17, 2008
-- Karl
This is a great card. Combine it with gating creatures and it will keep coming back with it's nasty ability. My only issue with it is that I'd rather it be a 3/3.
- January 26, 2005
-- Anonymous
play with this in my mono-red 1.5 deck(and yes, its mainboarded). a great, great card for obvious reasons. that being said, the foil version of this card is just one of the worst. never really appreciated the kavu of 'invasion' but put up with this card because, as of yet , there's no better substitute. the text on the card is juvenile and the art is passable if not exactly exciting. buying a foil is often exciting as the ink seems to deepen in color and the art (usually) becomes much richer. also differences in tone can be more appreciated. however, with this card, while holding bragging rights by owning the foil version is cool, there is almost no difference from the non-foil version...
- September 28, 2002
-- Dan
This card is great but most people like this card because other people like it. The
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