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Casting Cost
Card TypeCreature - Wizard
Card TextAs Meddling Mage enters the battlefield, choose a nonland card name. Spells with the chosen name can't be cast.
Creature TypeHuman,Wizard
ArtistChristopher Moeller
Flavor TextMeddling mages chant so loudly that no one can get a spell in edgewise.
DescriptionPlaneshift Single Card
Release Date2001-02-05
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- November 13, 2010
-- Jay
I love running this with Telepathy and Extract. Figure out what their kill is and shut it down. Back things up with Daze, FoW, and Counterspell and just beat 'em up with your 2/2. Could run Sensei's/Counterbalance also... Lots of options in the W/U control venue these days.
- August 09, 2009
-- Greg
or just play a peek and then this card so you know what cards are in your opponent's hand!
- May 03, 2009
-- Greg
This is the awesomest card ever. $$ is a BIG price tag, but if I could, I'm sure I would get a playset. Imagine playing one of these, naming Volcanic Fallout. Then another one naming Broodmate Dragon. If you can back them up with some counterspells (or a third one, naming Cryptic Command), 5 color control decks can't win! Alternatively, think about how awesome this card is against storm decks. The turn before a Dragonstorm deck's Lotus Bloom resolves, you can play this naming Lotus Bloom. So the Lotus Bloom fizzles, and what would have been your opponent's big storm turn, well...isn't.
- April 24, 2009
-- Unanimement
Grab your copies quick, they get reprinted in Alara Reborn!
- April 06, 2005
-- Anonymous
I'm just glad I bought four of them when they were a lot cheaper.
- February 11, 2005
-- Thomas
Muharh! and now with meddling kids as well (unhinged). Imagine this card on soul foundry :D
- December 14, 2004
-- Anonymous
This is in essence the blue white control decks dream. You get all the classic power control cards from blue and white and a nice combo card/blocker to flesh out your deck well. Considering my two favorite decks are either blue/white or mono black I can see myself wanting 4 of these in the future.
- December 28, 2002
-- Zedechai
Among the top five creature/control cards ever made . . . Definitely a championship card.
- October 12, 2002
-- no name
leuke kaart. echt leuk gewoon, maar jullie weten nu vast niet wat ik zeg, maar dat vind ik gewoon leuk.
- February 23, 2002
-- Julio
Meddling Mage, for 2 mana a 2/2 is already good. Add to that the ability to block combinations and get the idea.
- November 25, 2001
-- Chris Adkins
This card is awesome! Not only for its actions, but also for its illustrations
- June 10, 2003
-- magic
good control card, probably for its blue-white combo, I always keep all 4 in my deck
- May 29, 2001
-- The Weaver
Ah, let the control begin! Come forth once again with the power of blue/white control! Meddling mage makes a perfect addition to those kind of decks, preventing the only counters to your lock from ever being played. A pair of Urza's glasses or just about any card that lets you look through your opponent's deck (grinning totem, jester's cap, ect) can tip you off as to what to name. Combine with orim's chant, time walk, rinse, lather, and repeat.
- December 12, 2001
-- delmarr
ahem....... dont buy this card ever. it realy sucks..... realy!

psssssssst u think they beleave me? MUHAHAHA they are all mine!!!!
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