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Casting Cost
Card TextCounter target spell.
SetReturn to Ravnica
ArtistKarl Kopinski
Flavor Text"It is forbidden. Asking why is irrelevant." —Sergiu, Opal Lake magistrate
DescriptionReturn to Ravnica Single Card
Release Date2012-10-05
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- June 23, 2011
-- someone
Really not as a good as counterspell, but theres a reason: Counterspell was too good to be true. 2 mana to shut down almost any spell? You should use this if you A. Want to save money or B. If you need more than 4 all purpose counterspells.
- December 04, 2007
-- Will
It's the poor man's Counterspell, and there ain't nothing wrong with that. Solid card.
- October 16, 2007
-- Andrew
Good contribution from Time Spiral to the Core Sets, it ain't Counterspell but its gets the job done...
- February 05, 2007
-- bluemage
Any spell that stops every other spell dead in its tracks is good. Not Counterspell, but that was probably too good to be true. I liked Dissipate better (removes countered spell from game) better, and thought it was costed about right. Hopefully Dissipate will come back in 10th.
- August 16, 2009
-- Jozsef
The problem with this is that most standard decks are multicolor, and have lands which come into play tapped, and this requires three mana to cast, 2 of which are blue, so it is slower than most of the other counter cards out there. In fact I might like negate and the new remove soul better because they only cost 2 mana, at one blue, and are thus more splashable in todays environment. But still it is solid because it is a counterspell.
- April 30, 2008
-- Ben
Wizards decided a while ago that counterspell was too good, which is why it hasn't been in the core sets for awhile, and why they made so many new variations of it in the expansion blocks. This is just the fixed version of counterspell, and probably the one that will be reprinted in all of the future core sets.
- January 26, 2007
-- Justin
decent counter spell there r much better opnes tho, but this is good for standard i guess
- October 04, 2009
-- Myz
This card is a travesty. This is not a good common. It should be recycled immediately upon opening so that its fibers can be put to some use more suited for toilet paper.

Or, if you want to do something about the decided shafting of blue, you can keep everyone you open, and collect them from your friends, until you have enough to fill a good sized box, and you can ship it back to Wizards (Mailing Address: Wizards of the Coast LLC; PO Box 707; Renton, WA 98057) and tell them we're fed up with it.
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