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Card TypeMana Source
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ArtistKen Meyer, Jr.
Flavor Text"If there is such a thing as too much power, I have not discovered it." —Volrath
DescriptionTempest Single Card
Release Date1997-10-14
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- August 17, 2010
-- Darth Vader
I agree with the guy above me. You're right dude... I saw this card is very potential to break the opening game by increasing your mana capabilities!! In Pox deck, the first turn Dark Ritual, Thoughtseize, and Hymn Tutorach will reducing amount of opponent's hand. And in the "unknown" deck, I saw first turn Mox Diamond (discard swamp) and then Sunken Ruins... Dark Ritual (add BBB-filterization with Sunken Ruins to add BBUU) then Jace the Mind Sculptor (begin to fateseal)... Dark Ritual is very great card for me... Oh yeah, Black Lotus... indeed, but remember that Black Lotus is not legal in the legacy format and restricted in the vintage format...
- December 01, 2009
-- Fernando Albert
Reaper... first you need to be lucky to get a swamp four dark rituals and the avatar of woe... that makes 6 cards so far... As easy as using a force of will in response to counter your avatar. You dumped your hand in the first turn for nothing. Fancy? OK, budget way to throw about your combo if you are lucky enough. 1st turn, island and then a Nickle priced unsummon...
By the way, awesome card. Never missing on my decks or my wife's.
- November 01, 2009
-- Jens
Those were the days when the darkness reigned.
Those were the days when 3-drops could not be restrained.
Those were the days where black was good
And every other color was merely food

Sorry, I couldn't help myself ;P

Dark Ritual has pretty much defined most mono black casual decks. If you aren't playing this, you should be - even though it isn't standart legal anymore. Dark Ritual is capable of sick plays, accelerating into first turn kill combos, powerful Consume Spirit plays, summoning big beaters both early and mid game, and acting like a giant growth on Shades.
- July 08, 2009
-- Casual Nihilist
This, like Magic's OTHER holy card (Counterspell) is what the game is about. To try to outline why this card is great would be to put a limitation on the power it has. Buy them. Lord knows I do every time I am able.
- December 13, 2008
-- xdsca
My bro got Reya Dawnbringer out with 3 of these, a swamp, a corpse connoisseur, and an exhume.. Then I killed her second turn :).
- December 11, 2008
-- Anonymous
I got Reya Dawnbringer out first turn with 3 of these, a Corpse Conniseur, and Exhume.. Dark Rit 3 mana. Dark Rit again 5 mana. Dark rit again, seven mana, enough to play C.C. *costs 5*, look for Reya, and exhume her... Amazing..
- September 08, 2008
-- Tigger
Awesome card, the best luck I have ever had was one swamp, three dark rituals and I was able to turn out a turn one Coersion with Shimian Specter!!! Tore the opponents hand apart!!!!
- July 08, 2008
-- ben_taylor79
david if you're playing with a 95 card deck mate and there is no specific reason, e.g. - it's a house rule, it's your lucky number, then you should be playing pokemon! trim your deck sunshine, to 60 cards. dark ritual is off the wall, and it's DARK too! the ice age artwok is great, and you even get Lim Dul flavour text... What is there not to bum about this card?
- August 14, 2007
-- Dustin
If you dont think this card rocks you must be a spellfire or pokemon player.
- July 09, 2007
-- Collin Wiemer
Who doesnt like this card?
- June 17, 2007
-- Anonymous
This card is great! I have 3 in my dark deck, that only has 5 swamps, but these with culling the weak give me 13 mana plus the 5 swamps is 18 it has saved me in mana depletions a lo. It's cheap and highly recomendable.
- October 30, 2006
-- Michael Sweeney
The quintessential black card. Power. Instant gratification. Fleeting, but with life altering effects.
- September 13, 2006
-- He of dark rituals
whoa! awesome card, first turn hippie drop! =D
- June 29, 2006
-- Ben Reynolds
First Turn Hyppie? I'll take one with a side of fries please. One of the best mana accel cards in the game!
- February 16, 2006
-- Galen Andrews
One of the best commons in the game of magic, black decks were built around this card for years with creatures like Juzam Djinn, Hypnotic Specter, Phyrexian Negator, Nantuko Shade, and Bog Witch and spells like Drain Life, Mind Twist, Coercion, Necropotence, Yawgmoth's Will, and Hatred. Now the color pie has shifted making it red with cards like Desperate Ritual. It just isn't the same...
- January 22, 2006
-- Anonymous
One of the best cards there is for easy mana you can get a five cost Sengir Vampire on the first turn with two.
- July 16, 2005
-- Whind Soull
No, it's like buying THREE mana for one. Buying TWO mana for one would only profit you one; this profits two. :)
- November 17, 2004
-- yuhik
this is 1 of the best cards for puting mana in to play
- November 16, 2004
-- Dominator
lets see combos
Swamp + Ritual + Hypie
Swamp + Ritual + Necro
Swamp + Ritual + Hymn To Tourach + Demonic Consoltation
Swamp + Ritual + Royal Assassin
The combos are endless just remember this
Necro Summer
- March 16, 2004
-- Shaun
Great for you, bad for your opponent(s). When my dad uses his blue/black deck, he has his Royal Assassin out on his first turn. That is not good for anyone.
- February 17, 2004
- January 07, 2004
-- Anonymous
best mana acceleration ever (after the moxes and the lotus of course).
it hasnt been printed for quite a while, since it made blacks too fast.
- December 15, 2003
-- Mario
Also one of the best cards ever made. Talk about mana acceleration. This card is speedy and for the most part nasty. I've seen people combine it with Buried Alive(Odyssey) to bring out some nasty creatures by the third or fourth turn.
- November 15, 2003
-- Charles Zimmerman
Very useful. It's like buying 2 black mana for one.
- April 12, 2003
-- Anonymous
One Word: COOL.
- January 30, 2003
-- Rick
This card is a must for just about any black deck. For one you get three black mana. That is a hypnotic specter or a royal assassin right there. Doesn't get much better than that.
- June 27, 2002
-- the reaper
dark ritual is one of the best black cards in the game. think of it, turn one: put out a swamp play 4 dark rits off of each other you have 8 black mana, avatar of woe. simple isnt it?
- January 08, 2002
-- nick conrad
A staple card for almost every black deck.
- December 22, 2001
-- Mr. ILoveTokens
Watch My SPEED!!!
- June 24, 2001
-- Casey Whitaker
You like speed? Me too! If its fast mana you are looking for, look no further! What better way to make some quick mana first turn? I can't think of any. This cards great ability has no consequence. No discard, sacrifice, or any other downside. Just pure power mana production. Watch out for this card. Coming to a black deck near you...
- June 24, 2001
-- Mike Thiel
Dark Ritual is the signature black card. This card greatly accelerates black mana, allowing for black mages to cast potent creatures early (Sengir Vampire 3rd turn) and more potent spells later on (Who knows how many points of damage a Drain Life will do with a few of these). This infamous card propelled black to its meager beginnings early in the history of the game to a powerhouse that continues to roll on. May black live on!
- July 20, 2010
-- Jim
I think the people complaining about losing card advantage are more than a little off the mark here. While card advantage is helpful, you cannot win MTG on card advantage alone. Can't you see that dropping a Vampire Nighthawk on turn 1 instead of turn 3 is well worth the slight loss of card advantage?
- August 18, 2009
-- d/0
Great, but it gets 4 stars. You got a handful of these late game and they don't do you much use, TO me a 5 star card should be useful in most situations, one that you never mind drawing.
- February 24, 2006
-- SlickWally
First turn Hypnotic spectre, next turn 2hp and a card... awsome! I don't know how many peels that little combo has gottem me over the years
- February 05, 2005
-- Anonymous
well, a pretty good card if that isn't an understatement. if it's legal in your format and your not playing it than you definitely should reconsider. now that that's out of the way lets talk about the awesome art. out of all the different sets the first is definitely the best. just classic. the second best would be the 'mercadien masques' foil version of this card by rebecca guay, another famous MTG artist. anyway, either version will win you kudoes as one hep kat from yours truly..........
- November 30, 2004
-- otherwiseyourescrewed
Definitely a Great and powerful card (IF) you draw it in your first few turns.
- April 11, 2004
-- Anonymous
Useful card sometimes.
- December 15, 2002
-- Cameron
If you dont have one your a loser.
- June 25, 2009
-- Anonymous
I agree with the person above me. When I used Dark Ritual as a kid I thought more about the way my hand was thinning than the efficacious moves I could execute with the extra burst of mana.
- January 30, 2009
-- greg
of course it's awesome, and people talk about getting 3 in their opening hand and throwing down something enormous, but...this just flushes your card advantage down the toilet. i could say the same thing for black lotus, but it costs nothing and gets you any color of mana. anyway, these are pretty good, especially in the right deck (turn 1 hypnotic specter is pretty painful...) but like i said. you might as well mind rot yourself.
- November 08, 2006
-- David d'Aquin
Ill agree this is a good card, but like black lotus, you need to be able to have luck enough to get it in your starting hand, and my good deck is 95 cards. It works well if you have it by turn 3, but other than that it is a cheaper black lotus
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