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Casting Cost
Card TypeSorcery
Card TextCreatures you control get +3/+3 and gain trample until end of turn.
ArtistJeff Miracola
Flavor Text"You want to know your enemy? Look at your feet while you trample him." —Tahngarth of the *Weatherlight*
DescriptionTempest Single Card
Release Date1997-10-14
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- March 04, 2010
-- Anonymous
well this is a fun card
- December 21, 2008
-- greg
a game *winner.* play a nettle sentinel, turn 2 vanquisher, turn 3 champion/perfect, turn 4 promenade, turn 5 another promenade or maybe even another champion/perfect. then drop one of these and that's a win. against white weenie it's hilarious...their flickerwisps are useless (trample is very very helpful). 10th edition veriosn looks good and it's cheap but...it's out of stock!! >.< the others look kind of strange...oh well. 3 in an elf deck is all you need to win.
- December 12, 2008
-- greg
splashing for it is beyond trickery, it's downright expensive. (filter lands!!) in an elf deck it's ungodly, especially combined with a lot of boosters (paragons, perfects, champions) definitely garruk's favorite spell. i just run a single copy because 5 mana is, well...more than anything else in my elf deck...combined w/ elvish champion, it's a green soulblast...sorta..........ok, not really: it's better than a soulblast. costs less too! unfortunately i have yet to find a foil overrun, which is a shame, because FOILS WIN GAMES (lol). they do though. i like it a lot.
- August 04, 2002
-- Brian Roe
Kills everyone in my living lands deck (its hard to deal with 10 5/5 trampling creatures isn't it?)
- January 02, 2008
-- Joe
Overrun + living lands = Dead opponent. Overrun + saprolings + Kaysa= dead opponent. Overrun + almost any weanie army = dead opponent. I've played this when an opponent was kicking my @#! and done over 30 points of damage... 'Nuff said? It's a little slow so stock up on elves, sol rings, dark rituals, etc.
- October 03, 2002
-- Serra_demon13
This card is so freaking annoying to play against. (it's good) Overrun should have a place in every green deck. Sucks to splash tho.
- March 17, 2002
-- Sir Megallot
might be difficult to play in a splashed deck due to the GGG in the mana cost, but this is what makes squirrel and saproling decks a force to be rekoned with.
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