Grim Lavamancer

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Casting Cost
Card TypeCreature - Wizard
Card Text
, Exile two cards from your graveyard: Grim Lavamancer deals 2 damage to any target.
Creature TypeHuman,Wizard
ArtistJim Nelson
Flavor Text"Fools dig for water, corpses, or gold. The earth's real treasure is far deeper."
DescriptionTorment Single Card
Release Date2002-02-04
Dimensions3.5" H x 2.5" W x 0.012" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- July 08, 2010
-- Jace the Mind Sculptor
This guy is great to facing control deck... but if you want to kill opponent fast, then play the suicide burn instead sligh. First turn may be Chain Lightning, second you may play Flame Rift. And the third turn... if you're lucky... you have three mountains in play, Lightning Bolt, Lava Spike, Shard Volley, and Fireblast.... it's done then. I keep the Grim 4 in my deck if I lack of amunition.
- June 02, 2009
-- Anonymous
1 flippin mana.......come on???? this is a mid game win. Say your going along slow because your deck got rat screwed a lil' from an opponent's tough counter based.... or they just draw a few non-creature kill cards in a row..... you drawing and playing this guy will turn your graveyard into 6-10 damage in no time. That's probably the game right there! fantastic legacy card and still around $6 for non foil..........thanks a million!
- March 18, 2007
-- Grimancer
This card is one hell of a finisher and puts a stuff you against mill decks also you can remove your burn cards from the game then use one of the wish cards to bring them back! Boo Ya!
- November 04, 2006
-- Grimancer
Hi, see my review on Magus of the scroll as well who needs flashback when u got this guy in play! Shock, Shock, Grim Shock, Shock, Grim Lava Spike, Lava Spike, Grim DEADI play a full set in my deck and its made to fast for people to handle!
- October 26, 2006
Reds best first turn drop... Lets see turn 1: Grim lavamancer Turn 2: 2 lava spikes Turn 3: Let the fun Begin!!!!!
- June 07, 2006
-- Shark Attack
Awesome card. One of the best one-drops of all time. Great card for sligh. You get the most out of your burn. Disadvantaged against creature kill.
- April 15, 2004
-- Anonymous
Greatest creature for a burn deck. Ever.
- April 08, 2004
-- Anonymous
I play him in my B/R deck and I must say that he is an amazing killer.Play diabolic edicts, shocks, diabolic tutors, chainer's edicts then, every turn, ,for one red mana, he deals 2 damage to your opponent. Wonderful card, isn't?
- April 21, 2002
-- steve
I've only got one word for this card BROKEN. there is no doubt that he will change the environment a great deal. He is only going to get better.
- April 15, 2002
-- T.C
Sligh is back in town and this one-drop is the leading the pack!
- April 13, 2002
-- Steven
It's about time that red finally gets a good one drop again. I think that this is the most broken card of the whole set.
- April 06, 2002
-- Anonymous
This guy is incredible! Coupled with fast burn or land destruction, he can quickly cycle cards to keep control and finish the game.
- April 04, 2002
-- Michael Arnold
It turns every 2 Shocks into another one and swings to boot.
- March 25, 2002
-- Magus
This guy is the closest to Cursed Scroll that we will ever see. Some ways, he is even better or worse. Better speed, easy to destroy. I would still run both in an enviroment with Cursed Scroll.
- March 20, 2002
-- Magus
This card is the new T2 Cursed Scroll. This guy is in some ways better and in some ways worse. His damage dealing is not random and can be faster but loses to PRO.
- March 16, 2002
-- Magus
This guy is in every Torment top 10 list in some fashion. In my opinion, it is the closest thing to Cursed Scroll we will ever get.
- March 09, 2002
-- Tonn
For red mages in the current enviroment is a MUST have card. Think red + green decks. Wow!
- February 24, 2002
-- Anonymous
should be in every red deck
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