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Casting Cost
Card TypeContinuous Artifact
Card TextAt the beginning of each player's draw step, if Howling Mine is untapped, that player draws an additional card.
SetUnlimited Edition
ArtistMark Poole
Flavor Text
DescriptionUnlimited Single Card
Release Date1993-12-01
Dimensions0" H x 0" W x 0" D
Ship Weight0.004 pounds
- October 18, 2010
-- Dinosaur
No advantage eh? Try with Tezzeret, Time Sieve, Open the Vaults, borderposts, cheap artifacts in general. I made a deck with infinite turns, an infinite library, and immunity to exile. Seriously, this deck finds card advantage from the ultimate of Jace, the Mind Sculptor being played AGAINST it. See relic of progentius and mirror of fate to understand that. And the most valuable card in the deck is honestly howling mine. If you think the mine is junk you just arent a Johnny, combo player. NBD but give the mine its due. If you think this sucks ask yourself why Jace Beleren and Font of mythos were ever printed? I own 20 copies of this and need 4 more.
- March 23, 2010
-- Noy Noy
ah i think , 2 anvil of bogardan plus 2 howling mine is better, in a right deck...hehehe...
- February 05, 2010
-- JEA
This card may not help most of the time with card "advantage" but is an awsome addition to the right deck. There are tons of decks in which this thing works wonders.. and is actually a near Staple in any deck i use that runs Stasis. There are all kinds of ways to take away the bonus from the opponents extra draw.. relic barrier... loadstone myr... Icy Manipulator... These in deck with Font of Mythos.. think Runeflare Trap. Wonderful card in the right deck.. anyone who gives it less than 3 stars because they think the card is useless.. obviously isnt playing the same game. Buy 4 of these and they will go well in countless decks you'll make for the rest of your mtg playing life.
- January 02, 2010
-- Anonymous
i think that if you have a deck that is pland to have this card then you are much beter off then your opnent
- March 29, 2009
-- greg
combined with icy manipulator, this most definitely IS card advantage...for next to nothing, too! icy manipulator can double as a creature-tapper if you haven't drawn your howling mine(s) yet, too, which is cool. also awesome with underworld dreams and kederekt parasite.
- January 31, 2009
-- Bernd
Can someone please say... Underworld Dreams! Make your opponent wince instead of smile when you have 3 of these out. Throw a couple of Black Vises in play too. Seriously this is one of the most underestimated cards out there.
- January 27, 2009
-- Anonymous
This card is certainly not for every deck, which is precisely why it is so powerful. In my experience with the card, the deck that contains it is able to handle the added cards each turn and your opponent cannot make use of it as well as you can. For this reason, it actually helps you more than your opponent since your deck can make full use of it.
- October 06, 2005
-- Anonymous
very useful card. Mix this with a black deck running underworld dreams, and you have an extra little knife twist to other players in a group game.
- September 08, 2004
-- Jordan Kennedy
Best artifact ever!
- January 29, 2004
-- Anonymous
Say it with me. W00T! Best card drawing for its cost, next to Ancestral Recall.
- September 10, 2003
-- Matt Marinello
This is definetly a phenomenal combo decks. Try using this with an ensnaring bridge and a grafted skullcap, add a few living deaths too while you're at it. If you're not into classic decks, try donate, megrim, and grafted skullcap with this. But if you find combo decks unreliable, try it with some spellshapers. This is definetly a card to get.
- April 01, 2003
-- artifact lover
i think this artifact is one of the best of all, and if you don't believe me try it i have 4 in my deck and i win the 90% thanks to this card. when i started playind the game one of the guys told me that the best thing that we can do in the game is draw cards and believe me it is true.
- November 16, 2002
-- Alex
this one and words of wilding
- December 31, 2001
-- michael
howling mine will aways be a great card in any deck
card drawing is a staple win winning and howling mine is just the best best card drawer avalible plain and simple
- June 04, 2001
-- Hani Ebeid
A useful card. Especially for swarm decks and burn decks, because when you have no cards, you can't do nuthin'
- August 21, 2005
-- Bruce Daw
I give this card a 4 since although it allows you to draw more cards it helps your opponent, but not only does it help your foe. It helps them first. It takes effect durning the upkeep, and by the time you play this card yours has past allowing them to draw first.
- May 10, 2002
-- Anonymous
Howling mine is another one of those excellent cards. You get 2 cards a turn and that greatly increases your chances of drawing a game breaking card like Roffelos, Grim Lavamancer, Braids, Spiritmonger, and helps you set up combos. I love this card cause it is so useful although it does give your opponent another draw it is usually worth it. :)
- March 16, 2007
-- Anonymous
It's okay. it's only really good in millstone decks. maybe discard decks because you also help your opponent as much as you help yourself.
- March 26, 2008
-- Geckle
This card will not give you card advantage without something extra. Sure you can draw cards, but so can your opponent. In fact, your opponent gets to draw cards first, because you cannot play it until after your draw phase. If you do manage to find some way to tap it every turn after you gain the card, you are kind of wasting your time. There are much better things to do with an ability to tap permanents. Not a great rare.
- January 27, 2011
-- Kitsune
card drawing for you. card drawing for all your opponents too. net change: no card advantage for you. Sorry, but I can't come up with a good reasn for them to print Font of Mythos, and as for Jace, to compare him to Mine or Font is a joke. He allows you to keep a 2-1 card draw advantage over your opponent. All by himself. No other cards needed. you can't say the same about Howling Mine or Font of Mythos.
- October 05, 2010
-- Kitsune
In order to defeat your opponent in a game, you must create some kind of advantageous situation for yourself. This card provides absolutely no advantage over your opponent. None. Nada. Zilch. Zip. Zero. I don't see how it could be any more obvious. The more cards like this you have in a deck that don't improve your overall situation,the less likely you are to win. That's just basic common sense.. at least I thought it was....
- December 16, 2009
-- Mark
It is very stupid to play cards that help your opponent just as much as they help you it gives you no advantage at all, unless you start throwing other cards in you deck to combo with, but then you are just wasting time and mana because there are much more better ways to get card advantage.
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